Geirus in Israel to Be Focus of Knesset Meeting Tomorrow


jewishThis week, the Knesset Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs Committee will hold its second meeting in the last two months to discuss geirus procedures in Israel and their approval by the Chief Rabbinate. During the meeting, heads of the Conversion Division at the Prime Minister’s Office will present data on conversion, including motivation, time frames and restrictions on conversions abroad, even those performed by an Orthodox rov.

Approximately two months ago, the Rishon Letzion, Rav  Shlomo Amar stated at  a Committee meeting that the restrictions the Ministry of Interior poses on those converted abroad to ensure that conversions are performed in accordance with halacha are due to the fact that they have discovered a few cases of conversion in exchange for payment.

Rav Amar said, “We have received reports of several rabbis in the United States, Europe and South America who convert for payment. Although these are extremely isolated cases, we have verified that this has indeed happened.”

According to Rav Amar, there have also been one or two cases in Israel, but he says that he “is absolutely certain that this has not happened in Rabbinical Courts or in I.D.F conversions.”

Committee Chairman MK Danny Danon (Likud) emphasized that “we all want to see more and more Jews immigrating to Israel, but we are not willing to accept conversion over the Internet or by mail.” Danon promised to “Take care of the problem that has been caused by a handful of people.”

Itim, the Jewish Life Information Center, will also present information at the meeting. Itim  filed suit in the Israel Supreme Court a few days ago regarding the refusal to recognize Orthodox conversions performed abroad. Also invited to participate in the meeting are representatives of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Education and Absorption, I.D.F., institutes for Jewish studies, the Jewish Agency for Israel, Nativ, the Chief Rabbinate, the Center of Jewish Pluralism, the Masorti Movement and immigrant organizations.

The meeting will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, in the Committee room at the Knesset.

{Yair Israel}


  1. There is nothing wrong for a beis din to be paid for their services, as long as they will turn down insincere candidates no matter how much money they offer and accept sincere ones who cannot afford without money

  2. A real frum ger shouldnt care if the zionists accept their gerus. Adaraba – if a potential ger believes in zionism, they should be turned down just as if they believed in any other false religion


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