Gedolim Publicly Denounce Chillul Hashem of Vos Iz Neias and its Advertisers; Issue Issur Chomur


vin[Click here to view the kol korei.] Over thirty rabbonim and roshei yeshiva in the United States have signed a kol korei denouncing the Vos Iz Neias (VIN) news blog and forbidding Yidden from visiting, patronizing or advertising on the website.

[Editors Note: In all honesty, the editorial team initially agreed not to post this kol korei, although the need is great to inform the world of the pitfalls that exist for a frum Yid visiting the aforementioned site, which has, in the past, unapologetically taken stances contrary to da’as Torah. We strongly felt that there are much better media outlets to have this publicized than Matzav. Our hesitation to post this was people’s knee-jerk reaction, which would be that Matzav is attempting to reap benefits from a competitor’s downfall. We thus did not post it for two days since we were first sent this kol korei before it was made public.  Nonetheless, askanim familiar with the management of this site were contacted by a number of rabbonim urging that this kol korei must appear on the internet and that it is not sufficient to be printed only in the chareidi print media. Therefore, they urged that we put our personal dignity aside and post it, and not worry about negative repercussions of people accusing us of false motivation. Therefore, in fulfilling their request, please see below.]

The kol korei, which is being published this week in the leading American chareidi weeklies, states that while Vos Iz Neias was designed as a news medium, it is replete with objectionable material, nivul peh, lashon harah, rechilus, hotzoas sheim rah, and bizayon talmidei chachomim, and has brought about the degradation of both individuals and mosdos haTorah.

Likewise, the kol korei states, in addition to the objectionable material in the news stories themselves, the comments that are approved for publication are not moderated and contain vile language that causes machlokes.

“The chillul Hashem is norah ve’ayom (awesome),” the letter states.

The website, the letter says, has been run anonymously, precluding the possibility of taking action against the individual(s) operating it, who has the din of “machshilei and machti’ei horabim.”

The kol korei goes on to state that in light of the above, there is an issur chomur to advertise on that website or to engage in any form of partnership or involvement in the site, because this is “nosnim yad laposhim and “mesaayim yedei osei reshah” (assisting those who engage in evil).

“Therefore, one should not patronize those who advertise there,” the kol korei states.

The letter is signed by three dozen rabbonim, including:

-The Novominsker Rebbe and Rosh Agudas Yisroel, Rav Yaakov Perlow

-Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky, Rosh Yeshivas Philadelphia

-Rav Aharon Schechter, Rosh Yeshivas Chaim Berlin

-Rav Malkiel Kotler, Rosh Yeshivas Beth Medrash Govoha, Lakewood

-Rav Dovid Schustal, Rosh Yeshivas Beth Medrash Govoha, Lakewood

-Rav Yeruchem Olshin, Rosh Yeshivas Beth Medrash Govoha, Lakewood

-The Mattesdorfer Rov, Rav Simcha Bunim Ehrenfeld

-Rav Matisyahu Salomon, Mashgiach, Beth Medrash Govoha, Lakewood

-Rav Yechezkel Roth, Karlsburger Rov

-Rav Avrohom Yehoshua Heshel Bick, Mezhbezher Rov

– Rav Refoel Schorr, Rosh Yeshivas Vizhnitz and rov of Tiferes Gedalyahu

-Rav Moshe Green, Rosh Yeshiva D’Monsey

-Rav Asher Kalmanowitz, Rosh Yeshivas Mir

-Rav Yisroel Chaim Menashe Friedman, Satmar Dayan

-Rav Menachem Meir Weissmandl, Nitra-Monsey

-Rav Yehoshua Rubin, Bobover Dayan

-The Kossover Rebbe, Rav Shraga Feivish Hager

-The Tenka Rov, Rav Chaim Elazar Friedman

-Rav Yechiel Michel Steinmetz, Skverer Dayan of Boro Park

-Rav Yaakov Horowitz, Rosh Yeshivas Bais Meir, rov of Telzer Minyan of Boro Park

-Rav Getzel Berkowitz, Dayan, Kiryas Yoel

-Rav Aharon Zilberstein, Tzeilimer Dayan

-Rav Yosef Chaim Moskowitz, Shatzer Dayan

-Rav Hillel Weinberger, Serdeheli Dayan

-Rav Chaim Feivel Schneebalg, Monsey

-Rav Yitzchok Isaac Eichenstein, Galant

An effort to have current advertisers, photographers and writers of the site cut their ties with it is underway with the encouragement of the rabbonim. Those who ignore the kol korei will be taken to task publically, we are told.

{Yossi Newscenter}


  1. I knew that site was no good from along time ago, when I saw the kind of ads they ran – “Tune in here to listen on Kol Nidrei Night” and some un-Tznius ones. I emailed them a few times and got no response, and the ads didn’t stop…

  2. Funny, I havent seen any comments on Matzav in support of VIN. It’s amazing to see such agreement among the Yiddin on this crucial subject matter.

  3. About time!!! The articles were totally lacking of a frum taste and the comments?!! Filthy, filled with apikorsus and profane language. I saw comments there I couldn’t believe a “frum” person would write.

  4. The comments there are moderated. The reason I know this is because after the May 2008 raid on Agriprocessors the horrible things that were being said about the company and the family was incredible. I decided to post a positive comment about what people can do and where they can get accurate and up to date information that wasn’t tainted by the left wing media. The comment was never posted. I tried again and again it wasn’t posted. Then, I had a friend try to post my comment and it still was not posted this taught me that there was someone actively monitoring the comments so that they head in the direction he\she wanted. While I do wish the owners and publishers well I do feel that it is imperative that someone take a stand! Thank you!

  5. In all fairness ads are generated on a web site from
    the Internet server and the web site that it appears on doesn’t have control of these ads. Of course this is a different issue then the actual content of the site itself.

  6. This is very true, I’ve seen many many times on Vosizneias, that they are mevazeh toirah and talmidei chachomim pfarhesyeh, at least we know one thing now, that we have one YIDDISHE website that is sequenced with gedoilim that we can rely on which is this website MATZAV

  7. I am happy to say that this website Matzav has done a pretty good job in trying to stay away from Motzei sheim rah and loshon horah. The only issue with this Kol Koreh is that they should have added a few others as well. Matzav keep up your good work!!!

  8. I’m very glad to see this, however can someone who knows any of the Gedolim verify that they really did sign. Because knowing the VIN blog, they’ll attack back that it was a competitor who made this, kol koreh, up.

  9. 1st the letter is not signed by anyone its all typed up
    2nd why is matzav the only online news source posting this is the competition hurting you

    how about staying with yours and let them do what they want

    this whole thing sounds very very funny

    lets see if you post my comment

  10. I like VIN because it is the only site that doesnt beat around the bush and tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. In a sense that they dont say half a story and hide the rest because it is too graphic. They dont lie and hide the truth from their readers. Of all the frum news sites out there I trust VIN the most (sorry Matzav).They post the real news of what is going on in the rest of the world that is Jew related not the kind of news the other sites put up.

    I love VIN and think its the best informative site out there that is not afraid to tell it like it is.I agree the comments are a bit much but the site itself is great.

  11. On October 26, VIN published an article from Mishpacha: “At-Risk” Youth — Children Who Are Fleeing The Fold”

    The article goes on to ask:

    “What is the cause of this sudden decline in our precious children?”

    I posted the following comment on VIN for that article:

    “The cause is most likely due to a tipping point factor brought about by multiple factors.

    That said, however, I’m willing to bet, that a scientific study would empirically prove that teens exposed to Vos Iz Neias, have a higher likelihood to evolve to fit the description described in the article.

    It’s not because the timeline mentioned in the article as the beginning of this phenomenon correlates to the time VosIzNeias rose in prominence. Rather it is because the content (both published and commented) is inherently potent to neutralize even the best chinuch and to suck out the feeling of kol davar sh’bkdusha.

    I know many readers feel the same (they are not the ones that usually comment on VIN). Maybe something can be done about it. Please also share your opinion with VIN at

    Att VosIzNeias moderator: Please honor your stated policy of “VIN encourages and appreciates robust debate” and do not delete this comment.”

    The comment was deleted by VIN moderators.

    Boruch Hashem others have finally recognized the problem and taken action. I hope they are successful.

  12. TO #2: Which story? Actually, its not so much the stories. The one who sets up the site does ask shailos about what he puts up, sometimes. But the one he asks shailos to doesn’t know what’s doing in the comments. Its like Eisav asking how to take Maaser on straw. The shaila makes him look frum, but it’s all a facade.

    What is objectionable is the comment section in which every kind of mevaze Torah, Mevaze talmidei chachomim, mal’ig al kal davar shebikdusha goes on, and it seems that very little, if anything is censored out. There seem to be no standards. People in the comments are mevazeh gedolim like R’ Elyashiv, R’ Chaim Kanievsky, etc on a regular basis. Seemingly innocuous stories end up being slamfests on the personalities and intitutions that we revere.

    And if the rabbanim really don’t know the individual responsible, and can’t figure out how to get hold of him, well I’m sure the editor of Matzav knows what to do. And if not, he knows who I am and how to get hold of me, and we’ll see if we can’t assist them in this matter.

    One more question: Was the website with the coffee room also instructed to put this up? Because its not there yet!

  13. Long overdue!!!

    Why dont they post it on VIN. They always are the first ones to post anything derogatory about everyone else why not rush to post this as well????

  14. vos iz neias was warned numerous times. they always ignored everyone. they never gave a hoot.
    they deserved it. and worse.
    they must be destroyed completely.

  15. Can someone make a list of their still current advertisers so we can stop patronizing those advertisers, and warn others to stop patronizing them until they cease advertising on that site?

  16. It isnt just the comments that are a problem they thrive every time a Frum person is arrested for financial crimes and they spread all the lashon hora that they can…..

    Boruch Hashem we have true Gedolim who can take the mask off the Rasha who runs that site

  17. thank you for posting this . I called a few rabonim who signed on to this kol koreh & they were very surpotive & happy to be part of this wholy issue .they said that that web site is a real dor ha’mabil . please post the companies who advertise on vin after the kol koreh

  18. VIN has always under reported news events in Israel. A day of Kassam rockets is noted on Matzav, YWNs, Life in Israel while VIN is discussing the major accident on the NJ turnpike. Israel is not an interest of their and off their horizon.

  19. Vin is only a news posting site with Jewish and Israeli related news. I don’t particularly think it was ever a Frum site at all. Commentors are always meshugah everywhere. Perhaps there was a commentary by a MO Rabbi that was controversial. I personally enjoy thought provoking stories so I can analyze them with my Torah hashkafah. I am not afraid of the Olam. I conquer it with Torah.

  20. My son, a rav in Eretz Yisroel asked me 2 years ago to stop going on their website; &
    assured me from reading anything at all that was on VIN to his wife…
    They are a disgusting,unsrupulous website;
    printing the name & story of a wonderful girl who made a bad judgement call; & allowed a ton of comments to rip apart this girl’s neshoma, as though they were the anti semitic NY slimes…
    It’s about time; the VIN moderator is machsil the rabim & has alot of teshuva to do with his despicable website….

  21. I once complained about a certain article, asking them how they could post this…..The answer I got was “go on the other frum websites & read their propoganda”…notice how the moderator avoided my question.
    B”H, this kol koreih is long, long overdue!

  22. I know one of the prominent roshei yeshiva who signed the kol korei. I went to him today and told him that there are people trying to claim the kol korei is false. He was not surprised.

    It is simplky a tactic of people who want to defend the reshaim to make up a story and claim it is false.

    Call up the rabbonim! Call the Novominsker Rebbe shlita now and ask him!

  23. FINALLY!!!

    I set up my K-9 filter to block VIN long ago.

    But allot heimishe yidden dont get the problem.

    Those of us who do understand the problem, need to explain to our friends that the internet blogs cannot be above the Torah law.

  24. I must have missed something (or a lot of things) because I don’t understand what is going on. I have never seen an article that lived “down” to the very seriously derogatory charges that are being made here. (Although I agree there should be more aggressive censoring of the comments). Is it possible that this simple Kinah that is the underlying gira here.

    If they need scolding – ;ets hope this is it and they learn their lesson!

  25. I noticed many prominent rosh yeshivos signatures. But I didn’t see any prominent litveshe poskim? Is it because this is hashkafic and not halachic?

  26. I will be deleting my current bookmark of VIN.
    ???? ???? ??? ??? ?? ?????? ??? ?????? ??????? ??? ??? ??????? ???? ????? ?????? ????? ?????, ?????? ?? ??????? ??????? ?????? ?????, ???? ????????.

  27. Thank You Matzav! I used to check out VIN and I was quick to realize their Sinas Hadaas. My comments defending the Gimmel Chamuros were never published. I think that we need to have a discussion about who is attracted to such a site as theirs. Where does this blind hatred come from. It is a so called “heimisher/chassidesher” sight. Who are the Yidden that hate us?

  28. To say that PEOPLE COMMENTING HERE is lashon harah about VIN is like saying the kol korei is lashon harah. IT IS NOT LASHON HARAH. IT IS A MITZVAH TO BE MOCHE! EVERY COMMENT BASHING VIN IS A MITZVAH LEFARSEIM!
    If you don’t believe me, ask a rov. There is no issur to publicly condemn such a source of tumah and rechilus. Every person is mutar – and maybe even mechuyav – to leave a comment expressing their disdain for the sewage of VIN.

  29. i advertise on vos iz neias can someone please tell me what is going on. Why have i not heard of this from anyone else? Im a bit puzzled is there another source for this??

    Thank you

  30. I once sent them a message complaining that it was very disrespectful and Loshon Hara to see them bashing a rav in a certain article. The response? They “banned” my computer from visiting their site. (I was very grateful they banned me, actually!)

  31. There are non haimishe people reading the blogs and their comments, and i know people working in public schools/hospitals, and their coffee room schmooze is what those jews are saying – it is a big problem – regardless of the interesting comments etc – it SHOULD BE STOPPED – NO MORE COMMENTS – report interesting torah approved news, but stop the comments.

  32. I used to send VIN criticsm of things they wrote and KABOOM, my computer was blocked from accessing their site! They put a block on my IP address!

    What a shock!

  33. The typical frum media, be it newspaper, website, blog, tends to water down the real story and thereby alter it, which IMHO is telling a lie. If you can’t report the news as it is, then do not report your own version of it. I appreciate VIN for telling it like it is, and do not appreciate Matzav for its own version of the news besides not publishing many comments.

    Let’s see you guys not publish this comment.
    Additionally, VIN has the guts to publish questionable news.

  34. This will make VIN stronger. There will be different advertisers. More people will come to see what the fuss is all about.
    Disclaimer: I happen to never have visited vos iz neis anyway.

  35. I spoke to one of the people who signed the letter from LAkewood
    He sure knew about it
    The people who say they didn’t know about it are lying outright
    someone is in cahoots to save VIN’s skin

  36. To #57 And when you hear a story for example about someone who did something wrong, do you close your ears and walk away and say its lashon hora? I guarantee you try to find out the “TRUTH”. VIN is a news site and it writes the news. If you dont want to read the news and you want to be ignorant then dont go on the internet.

  37. #66, If someone is doing something C”V publicly against the Torah, it is not Loshon Harah to protest against it; which is what the Kol Korei is doing.

  38. if u need the original signatures call me at 347 651 1328 & I will fax it to u .all thw best .thanks for posting this important kol koreh

  39. the way to curb the damage of the internet is to have yiddishe sites and the more the better. cuz the fact is that many frum yidden read the site and will continue reading it.
    we should send an open letter to vin and ask him to be more careful and monitor the site.

  40. I only posted my previous comment to show that it would not go through.

    You obviously do not care about the Gemara in Shevouth which telsl about the value of Emeth (truth). But then, I did not harbor any illusions.

  41. Finally. I remember when the aforementioned website posted a editorial against a worthy organization in Israel, thereby being Mevase Talmidei Chachamim and Gedolim while spreading smears and lies (based on their assumption). I posted a comment (to be one positive comment of the many anti-Semitic comments there) highlighting many achievements and good deeds that I witnessed (while learning in Israel). Of course, it wasn’t posted. After I gave them a piece of my mind, I was blocked for a while.

    A while later, they posted a story that entailed propaganda for a certain organization that was done by means of a huge Chillul Hashem and Bizayon Hazulas. I sent a comment for the story’s removal (with a background explanation), of course my requests were ignored. After yet another message, I was blocked again. I was wondering how all these vicious anti-Semitic comments get on but my honest and good-willing remarks don’t.

    Most recently, I sent them a thoughtful Torah’dik article, that a friend has written creatively, to be posted. I felt that the article with much insight for those seeking controversies will find great pleasure with much of their controversy-seekers readership. It was rejected. I figured that neither me nor my friend had a conservative synagogue and if a Rabbi of this sort can get on, so can we; well, we were mistaking.

    That site lives and looks for controversies. Be it a runaway boy or girl or a controversial Rabbi – he has a platform. Politicians that seek to create Bizayon HaTorah use it too. Ironically, when stories with those that deal with kids-at-risk appear in the media, VIN skips it. Interestingly, when there’s a story involving a Talmid Chacham and creating a Kiddush Hashem, VIN ignores it. Coincidently, when politicians that heed Daas Torah are in the spotlight, for good reasons, VIN didn’t see it.

    I applaud and admire Matzav for posting this story. I understand the hardships and worry they had while making this decision and the fear of a backlash as well. Kudos to you and keep it up. I suggest that just like you were on the Rubashkin case and carried out your duties faithfully (while VIN tried undermining him), be the pioneer to create a clean atmosphere among us – the Jewish community. Work with the filters and VAAD’im to isolate them while updating us about the latest – including its advertisers. I know that VIN will take this story and try to portray the Gedolim Yisroel as “radicals” or “people from yesteryear” as they’ve done in the past, but we must carry on and fight the battle. The people that visit the site know its ramifications and if they don’t you can perhaps blame VIN for this itself. A sick man who doesn’t know that he’s sick.

  42. B’h. Thank You Matzav for posting this very important and newsworthy story. Our predecessors gave up their lives for Torah while sites like VIN treat it like dirt. I am glad that it happened now as I kept off of that site for years but lately I started using it more. B’h this got me back on track and doing what I always knew is right.

  43. I am happy to see this kol koreh/
    i don’t know why there weren’t 300 signatures
    every rov i know has spoken out against the rotzchim at vos iz neyis

  44. some web site is trying to make a spin why an asken was involved in this(due to political reasons) ,but late me say this, its all a great spin .because I just spoke to askonim & rabonim and they were begging for a long time for vin to stop the posting of zenis & smutz articles & loshon horah on vin. eventhow they just post newspaper articles .they were warned that something will be done to stop this .now for the record I just got an e.mail with documents more than a year old (even before that so called political spin wich just happened)to show that a certain rabbi (who sometimes writes op ed on vin )was contacted numerous times to remove articles & comments on vin .he wasn’t able to do anything . I am willing to fwd it to anybody who request it. pls e mail me at

  45. the problem with vin is that they potray themself as a frum chasidish website and they are probably worse in hashkafa than reform jews
    Matzav please keep up the good work and to the people who claim that matzav has an agenda its total nonsense the world is big enough for 100s of jewish news websites just like in the goyish world there are millions of news websites

  46. thanks so much for posting this kol kora against the self hating jewish website VIN they are self hating jews evry jew that gets arrested is reported, evry shmutz evry avria, thanks matzav it the best, clean from shmutz , evrybady shud ban vin and use only matzav

  47. At least VIN provides accurate information.

    Many other Hareidi blogs are so afraid of Lashon hara that they prefer to publish a quite biased version of the truth…

  48. To #78 “VIN has the guts to publish questionable news”?! We as yidden live our lives based on daas torah, who straight across the board agree that every controversial subject results in a plethora of LOSHON HORA;IT IS ASSUR TO READ THIS; IT”S NOT WORTH GOING TO GEHENOM OVER…..
    To #83 not going on VIN does NOT render on “ignorant”; there ather ways to keep up with the news!

  49. The so called VIN website should be erased, just as we erased Amalek…The loshon hora & filth may be causing the many tragedies that have befallen those that live their lives in a torahdik way…they are not machshiv torah…loshon hora, & more loshon hora; that’s their MO….Ko Hakavod;
    it’s about time.

  50. I applaud the rabonim for taking the steps they’ve taken. Many times I’ve sent them comments defensive of yiddishkeit which they refused to publish and matzav always publishes my comments. If you believe in freedom of speech, you would wonder why VIN stifles all opposition to their usually anti Torah agenda. So the irony here is, in the name if freedom of speech, it’s better to undermine them, because if you read their articles and comments, you think that’s the Jewish community’s take, but what you don’t know is how many comments they’ve censored out just because of ideological disagreements. They are the modern day Pravda. And rubashkin is just the tip of the iceberg.

  51. When they had the article about Steinzaltz and I wanted to post the proofs of his Apikorsus from a link that was posted here, they didn’t allow the comment to go through.

    In a second article about him, they didn’t allow me to post about the position of Rav Eliyashiv and others that were against him.

    They allow apikorsim to comment frequently and deny many comments of sincere bnai torah.

  52. I actually don’t have a problem with VIN’s objectionable articles, so long as they would let us respond, but they censor out our comments. That is propaganda what they do, publishing hit pieces than only allowing comments that agree with their views.

    The communists also allowed opinions contrary to their own so long as it didn’t hurt their political agenda. Their were plenty heated debate what taste better, orange juice or apple juice, and they gave a voice to both sides, but when it came to Stalin, you would think from reading the Pravda that the populace were unanimous in their support of Stalin’s communism. VIN master’s Pravda journalism. Their is plenty of debate on issues they care nothing about. But on issues they care of, only comments in support of their take get published.

    I can’t tell you how many times my RESPECTFUL comments went unpublished, because I defended daas torah, Rubashkin or rabbonim. Their chickens have come home to roost. They brought it upon themselves by embracing censorship ONLY when it suited their sinister agenda.

    I would say that for every comment they remove they should write, ‘comment removed due to our objection to it’s bias towards Torah’s view for we view defense of torah as reprehensible’.

  53. Has anyone yet compiled a list of advertisers still on VIN so we can begin boycotting them, if the pressure for them to stop their ads is insufficient?

  54. If you are denouncing the other site, I think it behooves to improve standards right here. I have complained about comments allowed up here that say things like “You’re an idiot.” Comments that are personally derogatory or use unrefined language, do not belong here!

  55. It’s long overdue. They thrive in beshmutzing ehrliche yidden. I do agree that issues must be aired and resolved. But it cannot come hand in hand with beshmutzen ehrliche yidden and also at removing dovor shebkdushah that is so endemic in the blogosphere. Youth reads these blogs and what sense of kedushas hatorah does remain after reading all their articles that mimics failed messiah and others? now they had 5tjt trtying to brainwash the oilom that the ban is becauseof vito lopez?! how krum all of you guys: you have for years removed any respect for torah and chachomim…it is a pity that a long time you have been overlooked.

  56. To Brian, to clarify:
    You can’t call them pravda since no one is forced to go to that site. They have a legal right to censure out what they don’t agree with- as I’m sure Matzav and other sites censor out what’s objectionable to them.

    Before you get upset with me, I’ll explain:
    It’s not THAT VIN censures items, it’s more a problem of WHAT they censure and what they do print.
    You say they censure Daas Torah and allow anti Daas Torah. That’s why we Bnei Torah are against them.

  57. to 119:

    I’m not opposed to sites that censor out of principal, such as vulgar or loshon hara comments, but when they censor you merely for the fact that they have a differing opinion, that makes them a propaganda site, and no more.

    By the way, no one forced anyone to read pravda. It’s just when you’d sit down to read it you were reading propaganda.

  58. #113; Loshon hora is ALWAYS “the emes”…
    we frum jews follow daas torah & it seems the concensus on this sight is that VIN is a web that’s maleh loshon hora, tumah, & in short a disgrace esp. cause they are self hating jews; I long ago erased this from “my favorites”…
    Thank you Matzav for bringing this to the forefront…It’s about time this so called website is revealed to what it lives up to…trash!

  59. to #127; WHY, is 127+ comments not enough for you to realize that VIN is 1 big LOSHON HORA blog; in the scheme of things & recent tragedies is reading their trash worth going to gehenom over?? I think not…..

  60. I am a chasidishe person who was mistreated by VIN. Hence I fully agree with the sentiments of the ‘Kol Koreh’.

    Like many others, I to, used to enjoy reading VIN, until my name appeared in an extremely negative news articles.

    I contacted VIN myself and through other channels, but he wouldn’t publish my side of the story. He also didn’t publish positive comments I and others tried to post on that story.

    For me it clearly demonstrated a willingness by VIN to portray Heimisheh people negatively.

    ‘The chicken simply came home to roost’…

  61. As of now, VIN has still not responded so I would call that shtika kehodah. And if you want to say their silence is because the kol korei doesn’t deserve their response, than if they truly think 30 gedolim don’t deserve a response, then they are even more arrogant and evil than I’ve first thought.

  62. Rabosai,
    It is very clear what is happening. Perhaps just a few points to clarify:

    1. It is irrelevant who “VIN” is or isn’t. Ma ichpat lecha? Do you have to know the name and address of every other person in the news, bein letav Bein lebish? This should be an issue about VIN.

    2. Those really seeking the truth (the REAL truth), can see through all the camouflage, and know that “Chosamo shel HKB”H emes”, therefore, any external source of information(media, science…) other than the torah, must be seen through the lens of da’as torah to determine if it is in fact emes. A news story is usually written in a manner that will be dramatic and eye-catching, just like seltzer in a green glass bottle becomes Perrier, and costs twice the price (not my chiddush I heard it beshem J”M).

    3. FYI (for the mislonenim, you know who you are but may not know what it means).Matzav was not gloating when they reported this kol koreh, so they were not “oiver” on “binfol oyvecha al tismach” which is not a lav anyway. A lav would be like loshon hara, rechilus, oinuuh, moitzee shem raa, lo sasuru acharei levavchem, ES Hashem elokecha teera, and probably like a dozen others that are disregarded with no qualms.

    4. Boycotts? Really? Why must we take it out on the advertisers? If they advertised in the New York Times would you also boycott them based on content of the paper? (From a business and moral perspective, I’m not sure of the wisdom of going on VIN in the first place but…) Anyway , most advertisers will realize that they should look for a different solution to their advertising needs, if the reader base adheres to the kol koreh(no consumers, no return on the investment). And most of them advertise in many more approved places, so why should their business suffer?

    5. I give a huge amount of credit to Matzav and their entire staff. This was a very touchy piece and was handled extremely well. I actually found it funny how Matzav posted the closing comment of many VIN fans; the immature, “but I’m sure Matzav will censor it”. Very classy…


  63. The Gedolei Yisroel shlit”a specifically instructed advertisers to cease their ads on VIN.

    After a week or two we’ll see who is still advertising and take it from there.

  64. its very encouraging to see who are on the side of vin .a so called rabbi from chicago was on a particular radio show motzai shabes said he sees no problem with vin & he can’t understand the rabonim ,it must have been somekind of arm twisting .its important to note that on this ravs web site he write that he doesn’t understand the tummel askonim make about rabashkin & thinks he should rot in jail . so the true vins friends are creeping out of the woodwork.

  65. A web site that does not provide a medium for vigorous, frank and open debate is useless – unless you’re just interested in the weather and the obituaries.

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