Gedaliah Weinberger Calls On Fidler to Apologize for False, Malicious Remarks


lew-fidlerRabbinical leaders from several of Brooklyn neighborhoods came together today for a press conference to demand that City Councilman Lew Fidler apologize for the false and malicious remarks he made about Republican David Storobin, accusing him of having “ties to skinheads and neo-Nazi groups and white supremacist groups.”

Storobin, who’s vying for disgraced Carl Kruger’s vacant state senate seat in Brooklyn, is a devout Jew whose family escaped the former Soviet Union from religious persecution and whose extended family were victims of the Holocaust.

Despite Storobin’s well documented faith and support for the zionist movement, Fidler has been falsely attacking him for alleged ties to neo-Nazi groups. Those claims are baseless and were made in an effort to try and undermine Storobin’s candidacy and score political points with the Brooklyn Jewish community.

Fidler’s allegations backfired last week when he was caught on homemade YouTube video speaking at a campaign event [go to 2:00 mark] accusing his opponent of having ties to skinheads and neo-Nazis.

Gedaliah Weinberger, Chairman of Agudath Israel of America, called on Fidler to retract his statements and apologize to the entire community for his offensive remarks.

“We are here to strongly protest what I consider to be an egregious act that was committed by Mr. Fidler. I strongly protest the terminology used by Mr. Fidler. For him to say that Mr. Storobin has ties to [quote] ‘skinheads, neo-Nazis and white supremacists’ is not only false, it is an insult to all of us,” Weinberger said.

Weinberger’s parents were both Holocaust survivors. He spoke on behalf of the vast majority of Brooklyn Jews whose families were persecuted by the Nazis and other extremist groups.

“For someone [Fidler] to call a fellow Jew a Nazi, or having ties with Nazis, is never forgivable and never appropriate. We ask Mr. Fidler to be decent and to apologize for a statement that he should never have made. he apology is not one he has to make to Mr. Storobin alone, but to his constituents and to the entire Jewish community,” Weinberger continued.

Rabbi Mordecltai Tokarsky, head of the Brighton Beach Jewish Center Synagogue where Storobin attends Shul, also demanded a retraction from Fidler.

“David Storobin is a devout member of our synagogue. His ancestors, like many of ours, were wiped out by the Nazis, and he himself fled the former Soviet Union to escape religious persecution because of his faith. No one can in good conscience suggest that he has ties to Nazi sympathizers. The very notion is offensive,” Tokarsky added.

Storobin also had a strong message for Fidler: “I demand that you stop using the memory of dead and persecuted Jews to make false and slanderous attacks as a political ploy in your campaign. And you must apologize to the people of this community whom you offended deeply with your untrue remarks.”

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. A sad caricature of a politician – the dangers of g’aiva. Someone close to him should be mekarev him, though. There has to be a pintala Yid in there.

  2. Fidler is a DemoRat. What do you expect from a DemoRat? Lies & more lies.

    He’s from the Axelrod school of false charges.

  3. To Kalman:

    What in the world is your client doing? He is self distructing! Remember someone named David Weprin? He also thought he had the Jewish vote in the bag! Hmm, who is our Congressman now? Oh yes, it’s Bob Turner, B”H. Mr. Fidler has shown he is an extremly arrogant person! I will be voting for the Pro Life/Pro traditional marriage, David Storobin! Fidler is FINISHED!


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