Gaza Training ‘Accident’ Injures 3 Terrorists


Three Hamas members were injured in an explosion near the town of Rafah Monday in what the Gaza-ruling Palestinian terror group’s Health Ministry as a training accident at a terrorist base.

Ashraf al-Qidre, a spokesperson for the Health Ministry, said “three men sustained varied levels of injuries resulting from an accident near Tel a-Sultan, west of Rafah.”

According to Hamas-run media in Gaza, the large explosion occurred at a site belonging to the terror group’s “military wing.”

The alleged training accident comes amid increased tensions between Hamas and Israel following the recent assassination of Hamas commander Mazen Faqha. Hamas blamed Israel for the killing and has vowed revenge, but the Jewish state has not confirmed nor denied involvement.

A day before the purported Hamas training accident, Egypt destroyed two Hamas terror tunnels running from Gaza into the Egyptian Sinai.

Further, Israel’s Defense Ministry announced Monday that security inspectors thwarted the smuggling of approximately 30 professional wetsuits suspected of being bound for Gaza-based terrorists, including Hamas’s naval commando unit.

“The suits were camouflaged in a seemingly innocent consignment of clothing and sports equipment that were imported from overseas by a supplier in the Palestinian Authority and then sent to the Gaza Strip without the necessary coordination,” the Defense Ministry said. “The shipment has been impounded and an investigation has begun to locate those involved in the smuggling.”



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