Gaza Running Out Of Fuel, Medicine


The United Nations has run out of funding to pay for fuel needed for hospitals, water plants and other critical facilities in the Gaza Strip, the UN political chief said Wednesday.

Rosemary Di Carlo also told the Security Council that recent violent escalations between Israel and Palestinian militants “threatened to plunge Gaza into war.

Di Carlo said she was “deeply concerned that funding for UN emergency fuel, which sustains some 250 critical facilities in Gaza has now run out” and appealed for $4.5 million to ensure essential services for the rest of the year.

The UN undersecretary-general for political affairs also raised concern over a “dangerously short supply of essential medicines” after 40 percent of the stocks of drugs were completely depleted.

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  1. Don’t give them food. This will bring peace. Their stomachs are full of food do they have energy to fly Baloons with fire. Let them starve. Dumb israeli secular government supplies trucks of food every day to its enemies.

  2. Gaza doesn’t have to worry! They have a wonderful neighbor-bal rachamim, who will provide them for all their lack, even at the expense of their own citizens-they have not to worry -Israel will help them!( in addition to that help they already do when will let special cases come into Israel hospitals)
    We are super;punch us, destroy us, throw rocks at us,ruin our fields,kill us but we still are going to bend over backwards to show the world how wonderful we are and give you fuel,food and medicine!

    • Exactly. Israel is like the class shlimazel that walks around with a sign stuck on his back, “kick me here”, with an arrow pointing down to his backside. The secular state of Israel is the dumbest in the world. Every country on earth, and especially the Arab nations, HATE the Palestinians like poison. They are looked upon like the scum of the earth. Why do you think they were thrown out of every country other than Israel? But it’s secular Israel that supports them. Such bare headed idiots! The worst is that Russian drunk, Lieberman. He is so hooked on his Vodka bottle, he couldn’t differentiate between the trees & the forest.
      Anyway, the Palestinians don’t have to worry. The king of Turkey will send another boatload of supplies.


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