Gaza Reconstruction Agreement Reached By U.N., PA, Israel


gaza-hamas1The United Nations has brokered an agreement on the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip between itself, Israel, and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The agreement will enable the PA to take a leadership role in the reconstruction process and also allow the involvement of the private sector. The U.N. will monitor construction materials, as well as U.N. schools and facilities in Gaza, to make sure that the materials will not be put to military use against Israel, said U.N. Middle East envoy Robert Serry, the Associated Press reported.

“While the cease-fire brokered by Egypt has largely held since Aug. 26, [Gaza] remains worryingly fragile with the underlying dynamics still unaddressed,” Serry told the U.N. Security Council, calling on the council to support the agreement.

An Oct. 12 donor conference intended to raise money for Gaza’s reconstruction will be hosted by Egypt and co-sponsored by Norway.


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