Gaza Health Ministry Removes Baby from List of Border Clash Casualties

Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry has said it has removed Leila al-Ghandour, an eight-month-old baby, from a list of people killed in clashes at the border with Israel while authorities investigate the cause of death, the Guardian reports.
A doctor cited by the Associated Press said the infant had a pre-existing medical condition and that he did not believe teargas caused her death.
The New York Times cited the family as saying the child suffered from a congenital heart disease. A copy of a hospital report seen by the Guardian said the infant had “heart defects since birth.”
{ Israel}


  1. How about all the other “dead bodies” that were shown in the video from Gaza in body bags but actually were very much alive?

  2. So the parents brought the baby to the border for the IDF to finish him off and then accused Israel for his death. Surprised that the Shin-Daled didn’t find a kipa-wearing-IDF soldier to blame and arrest just like they did with Yosef Haim-Ben David whom they accused for the murder of a mentally sick Arab teenager who was killed by an Arab clan (according to the boy’s father to the police), for which he’s still languishing in jail.

  3. I’m still waiting for Bernie Sanders and Kristen Gillibrand to apologize for their slanderous accusations that Israel murdered that baby!!!


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