Gaza Court Sentences To Death 6 Palestinians Accused Of Collaborating With Israel


A military court in the Gaza Strip sentenced six Palestinians to death today after they were found guilty of collaborating with Israel, Maan News.

The Gaza Ministry of Interior said in a statement that a Gaza City court upheld the death sentences of three defendants, rejecting a final appeal, while three other defendants also found guilty of collaboration could still appeal their death penalty.

Seven other defendants were handed down prison sentences of up to 17 years with hard labor.

Maan News says that under Palestinian law, willful premeditated murder, treason, and collaboration with “the enemy” – usually Israel – are punishable by death. However, all death sentences must be ratified by the Palestinian president before they can be carried out.

Despite this, Hamas’ de facto administration in Gaza has carried out executions periodically without receiving approval from President Mahmoud Abbas since 2010.

{ Israel}


  1. Just curious to know why it’s OK for them to kill their own when they see the crime is being severe but we can’t kill them when they start up with us
    Why can’t we call that collaborating with The enemy and kill them the same way

  2. This “fake news” story has a typo, the peaceful Palestinians assert! ISIS condemned them to death! The Palestinians are sweet, peace-loving people who would never do that!
    A-humm, A-humm, A-humm

  3. I think if they are not actively fighting us,throwing stones,firebombs or suicide bombings then they are considered collaborators


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