Gaza Arabs Preparing for Violent Confrontation with Israel, Burning 10,000 Tires on Border


Gaza Arabs are preparing for another Friday of violence with Israel. This time they are planning to also burn 10,000 tires to make it hard for the IDF snipers to shoot and stop their violence and sabotage.

Hamas is planning another round of violence for this coming Friday. Its social media channels are calling for activists to prepare Molotov cocktails and collect tires for burning. They are also calling for sniper fire on IDF soldiers, in addition to the obvious encouragement of the masses to rush the border fence. Read more.



  1. I thought every one in Gaza is starving to death, where did they get all those tires, were they saving them up from the begging of time, and this has been planned from that time. And if they are in such starving mode,obviously they had cars and trucks to put them on, which means they needed gasoline to fill these trucks and cars with, etc. etc. Maybe their starvation and missing things are not so much as they can afford to build tunnels, mansions for the rich, etc. etc.

  2. Maybe all this is happening because the anti Torah israeli government is beating up religious Jews for protesting to stop the forced autopsy of the baby who drowned.

  3. Fake news. This is dangerous propaganda put out by the racist Israeli government. This inflammatory rhetoric by the bully Israelis must end. I’ve spoken to Susan Rice to see of there are any charges and sanctions the U.N. can impose on Israel. Cory Booker & Kristen Gillibrand promised me they will withhold US money from reaching those evil Israelis.


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