Gavriel and Tehilla Saved By Shabbos


shuvu lodFor the past many months, the Shuvu school in Lod has undertaken a Shabbos initiative.

Realizing that most of the students have little or no vestige of Shabbos observance in their homes, the teachers across all grade levels are instilling in the children the excitement, beauty and importance of Shabbos. Contests, competitions, prizes and special events have focused on getting the students into the Shabbos spirit, so that they look forward to the holy day throughout the week.

Many of the children have been inspired to accept upon themselves aspects of Shabbos observance, often in the face of their parents’ apathy – or open opposition. Sacrificing family outings and treats because of their tenacity, the courage and incredible achievements of these youngsters are celebrated in school, encouraging others to embrace Shabbos as a day of rest.

Gavriel and Tehilla Yousefov, 8th and 4th graders at the school, are among the students who decided to refrain from riding in a car on Shabbos, even though their parents continued to take their 5-year-old sister out for a day of fun.

Gavriel’s and Tehilla’s decision proved fateful this past Shabbos, as their parents and sister were tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident. Had it not been for Shuvu, these two children would have been in the car as well.

Shuvu has brought in professionals to work with Gavriel and Tehilla, as well as their classmates. They are also working to ensure that the children will be cared for and raised in an appropriate, loving environment.

Even as we mourn this tragedy, we cannot help but be stirred by the result of the resolve of two young children to observe Shabbos.

May Hashem comfort these young heroes besoch she’ar aveilei Tzion v’Yerushalayim and may they know no more pain or anguish.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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