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eli-gradonDear readers of,

We are writing to you on behalf of our son, Elimelech ben Basya Gradon, who is now eight years old.

In December 2012, Eli was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Over the past 16 months, Eli has gone through many different treatments, such as seven rounds of chemo, an eleven-hour surgery, a stem cell transplant, radiation, immunotherapy and many other treatments.

On March 3rd, the treatment plan concluded and Eli was on the way to a refuah shleimah after having eight months of clean scans. On March 10th, a few weeks ago, Eli again went for scans, which unfortunately showed that the tumor and cancer had returned and were more aggressive then the initial diagnosis. Eli has already restarted a new treatment plan and has already had a round of chemo. Be’ezras Hashem, he will respond well to it so we can continue to help him fight this terrible machlah.

I am writing this and reaching out to the world to follow what a family friend of ours has done b’zechus Elimelech ben Basya. On Purim, Reb Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz and his family donated $1,200,000 – one million two hundred thousand dollars – as matanos la’evyonim to aniyei Eretz Yisroel as a zechus for our son.

Please, if anyone can do anything, small or big, be it in the form of tzedakah or chesed, in your home, your shul, a yeshiva, or elsewhere as a zechus for our son, it would mean the world to us and iy”H provide the zechuyos that he so desperately needs.

Eli’s fight against this machla has been documented in a blog that we updated nearly daily so that family, friends and anyone who cares can follow his progress. It can be found at

Thank you to

Tizku l’mitzvos.

Malkiel and Bassy Gradon
Los Angeles CA

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  1. R’ Rechnitz is one “shtick hartz.” Kol Hakavod! May all of Klal Yisroel’s good deeds bring us yeshuos, nechamos, and the geulah b’karov!

  2. HKB”H should have Rachmanus on this beautiful child and he will be in mine and i am sure many others Teffilos.

    This Rabbi Rechnitz is a legend and someone the world must learn from. He gives and gives and gives and he always has a smile. the amount of help generated for Acheinu Bnei Yisroel in Eretz Yisroel is outstanding. I can only hope and pray that we are all matching dollar for dollar for those here in the USA who are suffering in so many ways.

    We must begin to establish “Aniyay Ircha” funds in every frum Kehilla to help those who are struggling. We need an AIRF fund for Americans. We need an Adopt an American Kollel Program, We need Lev Lachim and Shuvu in America, Kupat Hair here….and the list goes on. Take nothing away from helping those in eretz Yisroel but please also remember those here in “your back yard”

    Hopefully every Mitzva and every chesed will be a Zchus for your son.

  3. refuah shleima bmheira!elimelech ben basya is in our teffilos!donated $50.00 to hachnosas kallah.bsoros tovos!IyH you should dance at his bar mitzvah and chasuna!


  4. If you would like to start a Bein Hazmanim learning program lzechus refua sheleima I will happy to run it. (If you didnt pledge that 3,600, that could cover most of the expenses breakfast for the bachrem etc.) we can have 50-100 bachrem learning a hour or two a day, what a zchus. Anyone who would like to sponsor please email me

  5. For about a year now, I have tried not to talk in shul from the beginning of davening to end for my own personal yeshua ( some days I do better then others). This shabbos I will bl”n be extra careful and im “donating ” the zechus for Eli’s refuah shelaima.

    Anyone reading this comment, for your own zechus or for others, PLEASE DONT TALK DURING DAVENING. Youll be amazed after only a few days how sensitive you become to talking in shul.
    May H’ give all of us our needed yeshua.

  6. I woke up 7:30 for Shabbos 8:15 minyan. Usually, I doze off a bit and then arrive at shul late. This time I opened my eyes, thought of Elimelech and how his body needs to overcome and I promptly got out of bed with him in mind. May my forcing my body against my will be a zchus for his body to force its healing.

  7. Praying for a speedy Refuah Shleimah to Elimelech ben Basya. We pray for Hashem’s rachamim to send him a full and speedy recovery! Tehilim should be said for this child so that he may grow up to give full nachas to his parents and much joy to them and their family.

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