Gambler Wins $1.2 Million Betting On Unlikely Tiger Win


The gambler who placed an $85,000 wager on Tiger Woods winning the Masters — ultimately winning $1.2 million — says he was tens of thousands of dollars in debt as recently as four months ago.

James Adducci, 39, made the bet with William Hill at 14-1 odds last Tuesday, the company said. When Woods won the golf tournament on Sunday, the betting business said it turned into a $1,275,000 payout — the largest golf-related payout in the company’s history.

Adducci told Golf Digest after the big win that he flew from Wisconsin to Las Vegas last week to place the bet, which he claimed was the first he’d ever made on sports in his life.

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  1. Wow. What a mussar haskel! Mamesh so Toradik. Thank you so much for sharing this daas Torah with the Tzibbur. I’m going to start gambling from now on. You see it mamesh brings hatzlacha to ones parnasa. Just in time for Yom Tov. This would mamesh eliminate the need for kimcha dipischa.

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