Gallant: Iran the Greatest Threat to Israel


Israeli Construction Minister Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Yoav Gallant sees Iran as the biggest threat facing Israel today.

“Iran is working against us in five areas: in Gaza, by supporting Hamas and [other] terrorist organizations, mainly the Islamic Jihad; through Hizbullah and building Hizbullah up; in Judea and Samaria, by attempts to operate terrorist cells; through ongoing attempts to enlist Israeli Arabs who will take action against the nation; and through terrorist attacks abroad, which are carried out by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hizbullah against Israeli and Jewish targets,” Gallant said, according to Israel Hayom.

“Their desire for [nuclear weapons] remains, even if there are ups and downs and breaks on their way to their goal. They have already made declarations about how they intend to use [nukes].

“The Iranian-Shiite majority is slowing taking control of Iraq. Now there’s a battle raging over Syria, where there are attempts to reach Iranian-Shiite hegemony under Hizbullah, and that’s a process that should worry us. We will not allow a reality in which Iran operates against us on expanded borders, through other players….Most of the Muslim world, 90% of it, is Sunni. Of those, 90% are moderate. Their enemies are our enemies: the extremist Shiites, led by Iran, or the Sunni Salafists and jihadis – al-Qaeda, Islamic State and the like.

“Anyone who thinks we’ll withdraw to the 1967 borders is deluded. There’s no chance of that happening. In my opinion, the Palestinians understand that already, and we [in Israel] certainly do.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Calm down. The Iranians are only kidding. The biggest threat to the Jewish Nation, is the outrageous price of esrogim. How we allow ourselves to be ripped off year after year, is very troubling. To claim that they have a right to price gouge because of our chiyuv of hiddur, is pure gineiva. For one, I’m not a gullible and won’t be ripped off.


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