Gafni to Netanyahu: Replace Yesh Atid With Chareidim


moshe-gafniYahadus Hatorah and UTJ would be happy to join Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s governing coalition if Finance Minister Yair Lapid removes his Yesh Atid party over socioeconomic issues, Yahadus Hatorah MK Moshe Gafni said today.
Lapid has said that he would quit the coalition if taxes are raised, if he does not get what he wants in the 2015 state budget, or if his 0% VAT housing plan is not passed.

“[Netanyahu] does not want to go to elections,” Gafni said on Army Radio. “It is reasonable to assume that if Lapid departs due to the [housing] matter, [Netanyahu] has another option. Chareidim can enter. We are a million times cheaper than him. We are more loyal, as the prime minister has said.”

Gafni criticized Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman for telling reporters on Sunday that he opposes having Yahadus Hatorah and Shas instead of Yesh Atid in the coalition, stating that such a move would cost 3.5 billion shekel in increased payments to yeshivos.

“It’s unprecedented chutzpah and it is fitting for him because he doesn’t care about the country. He only cares about his internal politics. We cost less than those parties threatening all the time to book from the coalition. What Lieberman said is a lie and totally untrue. He should not have said it, even if he wanted to gain politically from it, and he didn’t even gain. He is going down in the polls.”


  1. Bennet ,Stern and Livni he is willing to sit with?!

    Bennett on Board for Stern’s New Giyur Bill

    (Wednesday, September 10th, 2014)
    benDuring a meeting that was held on Tuesday 14 Elul including Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, Bennett signaled he will support the Giyur Bill sponsored by MK Elazar Stern when the cabinet votes on it Sunday, 19 Elul. This represented the last major hurdle for the bill as far as Stern is concerned.

  2. Our hearts are in our mouths

    Whether Israel will remain a more or less jewish state (in anything but for pretenses)might well have been determined today when Bayit yehudi voted on the party’s new charter

    The choice :between a zionist party which promotes and defends religion or at least semi religion with minimal standards or secularist party with convenient kippot and a few token charda’l on the fringe without influence on the dictatorship of Bennet

    was overwhelmingly decided in favor of..

    How Bayit Yehudi goes ,so goes the country

    We’ll all look back on the this week as a watershed

    SOME of us saw it coming and tried over and over to alert the world,but most were snoozing till now

    cf. Ramban on Devarim 27:26

    One who shirks their obligation to uphold everyone’s Judaism is “Arur”

    The most attainable goal now is to alert and Wake Up Yidden seeking Emes.

    Rav Aharon Kotler, already warned, that the greatest threat facing Jewry is (not inter-marriage or assimilation, but rather) perversion of the Torah,
    (Mishnas Reb Aharon 1:2,3:6).


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