Gafni: Moshiach Won’t Come Because Of Anti-Jewish Knesset Committee


moshe-gafniThe Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee inched closer today to a bill that would allow Israeli couples to register for marriage anywhere in the country, not just in the city of their residence. In a revision vote, the committee also approved a proposed amendment that would mandate the inclusion of a woman in the committee that selects rabbinical judges.

Chareidi legislators view these proposals as running contrary to Jewish tradition.

In response to Sunday’s votes, MK Moshe Gafni (United Torah Judaism) harshly criticized committee chairman, MK David Rotem (Yisrael Beytenu), saying “Moshiach will see what this committee is doing and he won’t come!

“This committee has become the garbage can of Judaism. All the anti-Jewish laws find you,” Gafni said to Rotem, who is himself an Orthodox Jew. “You have always been anti-religious! You are a big hero, you talk the talk, and that is why you cannot be a representative on the Judicial Selection Committee — that committee needs strong people.”

Gafni was referring to last week’s upset in the Knesset when Rotem, who was slated to become the newest representative on the influential Judicial Nominations Committee was replaced at the last minute by a member of the opposition in a surprising vote.

“You are competing with [Habayit Hayehudi Chairman Naftali] Bennett, which one of you is more liberal,” Gafni hurled at Rotem, who views himself as a conservative.

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  1. Nothing new for this MK Rotem. He’s the one with Lieberman when he was for the phony conversions, etc. He wears a kippah and that makes him religious? So many Erev Rav and they’re all coming out of the woodwork. MK Gafni is right.

  2. Oh! please spare me your nonsense. I can think of 10 good reasons why Mashiach has not come yet. Your reason didn’t even make the top ten.

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