Gafni Explains His ‘Palestinians Were Here Before Us’ Comments


MK Moshe Gafni (United Torah Judaism), who said that “the Palestinians were here before us” at a Haaretz peace conference yesterday and stated that he is closer politically to the Left than to the Right, addressed the controversy his remarks caused Tuesday.

“I stated my position,” Gafni said. “They told me I am hurting the haredi communities. If they are reffering to Chabad hasidim, only a minority of a minority is voting for us, and that too is because of my activity with Chabad.”

Gafni added, “We do not belong to the left, they always hurt everything dear to us, and if there are people who are not intelligent, then listen to what I said and then respond.” Read more at Ha’Aretz.




  1. He said it had to do with the State of Israel not following the Torah. He had a good point. If you don’t keep the Torah, so what does the first Rashi in Chumash have to do with the “State”? The founders & current leaders want to establish an Am Chovshi! If you want to be a free kofer, so the Arabs also have a right to a stam piece of land. Parush knew that and shouldn’t of criticized Gafni.
    Matzav, I’m not sure why you’re quoting an Anti Torah rag and giving half stories.

  2. First of all, it linked to Arutz Sheva not Haaretz.

    Secondly, it’s not clear what Gafni meant by “Palestinians were here before us”. Did he mean that the Israeli government had no right ousting the Palestinians who were here before us claiming Israel is the G-d given land to Jews according to the Torah which they don’t follow?

  3. So he is denying that H gave Eretz Yisroel to the Jews and no one else but the Jews?! Not even mentioning his ignorance of history and his playing along with the Jew haters who made up the so called palestinians in the 1960’s. And all he cares about are the votes? Is it how a Ben Torah supposed to operate?!

  4. Actually he was saying the opposite of denying Hashem gave EY to the Jews. His original quote was the standard “If you don’t believe in torah who gives you the right to EY”.To bolster the point he then added that the Arab were here first. He is far from the first person to make that comment.

    • “If you don’t believe in torah who gives you the right to EY”.
      What does this mean. even if some people don’t believe or say they don’t, the fact stays fact Hkdb”h gave EY to the Jews, that’s a dry fact! now you can have Tanis on them why they don’k keep mitzvos, but it doesn’t change the fact!!

    • Actually, Gafni made his statement in a context of expressing his allegiance to the leftist values of Neville Chamberlaining the islamonazis. So, yes, it is denying our exclusive right to Eretz Yisroel at least before biyas hamoshiach – but who am I to judge people’s hashkofos. However, there is a very direct physical consequence of appeasing the islamonazis: it encourages them to bring on more terror and murder of our people – which means those that make the appeasement possible are rotzchim with their hands smeared in blood. And no amount of sophistry takes away this simple fact.

        • “Ridiculous”?! Tell it to the people of Sderot, who got rewarded with daily rocket attacks since Sharon “disengaged” from Gaza. If you don’t see a correlation between appeasing the islamonazis and the increase in the islamonazi terrorism – seeing that their terror tactics work, take your meds.

  5. Please write full story, what exactly did Gafni say, I don’t have accesses to Ha’retz (that’s why I read Matzav!). I think a comment made by a chardi representative should be repoted in the chardi press.


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