Futuristic Diet Pills

Close-up of capsules

Scientists have worked for years to develop pills that burn fat.

Salk Institute scientists report that the chemical compound GW1516 (GW) activates a genetic pathway in mice that stops muscles from using blood sugar during exercise and makes them burn fat instead. This gives the mice increased endurance and makes them more resistant to weight gain and more responsive to insulin.

The technique could be used to increase fat-burning in people suffering from obesity or type 2 diabetes.

Ali Tavassoli, a professor of chemical biology at Britain’s University of Southampton, is developing another diet drug known as compound 14, which blocks the metabolism regulating ATIC enzyme, fools cells to think they’re running out of sugar, and ups their sugar consumption.

Once tested on mice and humans, this may also become an effective tool against obesity, Washington Post reported.

Current diet pills curb the appetite or block fat absorption.



    • but it would also burn fat so ummm…. it would be a net neutral? so those who want to eat an extra slice of pizza without gaining extra weight maybe?


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