Funding Miracles: RCCS Fighting Cancer with Kindness – and Winning


rccsBy Daniel Perez

It’s a deadly disease, impacting men and women from infancy to old age and everywhere in between. It’s a condition so dreaded that some dare not utter its name, instead referring to it as “the big C.” It drains its victims’ bank accounts, their hope, and ultimately their lives.

Valiantly fighting to restore all three is the Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society, a non-profit organization founded in 1997 by Brooklyn businessman Rabbi Hershel Kohn.

From day one, RCCS’ mission has been to ensure that patients have access to the best cancer treatment money can buy, and that their own limited means not be an obstacle to this. They accomplish this through a variety of services, including grants for paying off patients’ insurance premiums, which are often astronomical. They provide funding for emergency medical procedures.

RCCS even offers tuition grants, providing non-medical but nevertheless vital assistance to families whose
livelihoods have been disrupted by the scourge of cancer.

“RCCS is unique,” says Rabbi Kohn, “because no other organization duplicates our service. Besides RCCS, our patients have no one else to turn to.”

The Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society takes a holistic approach to the patients with whom they work. In
addition to bankrolling life-saving medical treatments, they also see to the patient’s psychological
well-being. They liaise with hospitals to make certain that the best possible care is being received, dealing with issues ranging from language barriers to doctors with questionable bedside manner. They even help lessen the emotional burdens of cancer by offering Chol Hamoed retreats to patients and their families, Chanukah gifts, and other forms of chesed.

“Compassion is stronger than cancer” has become their motto, and the helpful volunteers of RCCS have been known to provide everything from babysitting services to Pesach cleaning for families enduring the chaos that cancer brings in its wake.

It goes without saying that although health and healing are ultimately in the hands of the Creator that these “miracles” facilitated by RCCS are ultimately realized via the generosity of a select group of people, who contribute from their own hard-earned dollars to make it happen. Then, there are events like the
upcoming RCCS 2013 Miracles Auction, which make supporting this cause easy and fun.

A Chinese auction, scheduled for Tuesday, November 26, will hopefully provide essential funding for RCCS’ mission, while rewarding a lucky handful of donors with fabulous prizes. Offerings on the “auction block” currently include luxury vacations, diamond jewelry, and of course, cash prizes.

Some people derive enjoyment by gambling with their money and ultimately walking away empty-handed. The RCCS Chinese auction offers an opportunity to partake in the thrill of being eligible for big prizes, coupled with the knowledge that one’s money wasn’t frittered away, but rather will go to help save someone’s life. It’s a win-win proposition all around. And did we mention that donations of $180 and up automatically receive one or more free gifts?

In the fight against cancer, RCCS truly is funding miracles. The only question is: Will you be a part of it?

To learn more about RCCS and the upcoming Chinese auction, please visit

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  1. The drawing is Nov. 26 everyone out there should join this noble organization thats helping people with such tremendous amounts – also guiding them with medical referrals. Instead of having major functions which is very costly there are parties all over in different areas. If you or someone you know can host such a party the next few days, the raffles are reasonable and beautiful it would be a big zchis. Many of us know people that were helped by RCCS. We shouldn’t need such an organization anymore


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