FULL VIDEO REPLAY: Secretary of State John Kerry’s Shameful Principles for Middle East Peace



  1. Obama, Kerry, and friends are re-demonstrating that one can be evil and insane at the same time. When Sharia-crazed nutjobs ruling countries such as Iran (whichever ayatollah) and Egypt (under Morsi) try to obliterate Jews and Christians, that’s not only OK but deserves America’sactive financial and political support. But when we Jews try to run our own small country under democratic principles otherwise unknown in the Middle East, without constant Muslim threats, no-no-no! The great Kerry says you can’t stake out any place to be Jewish, even with safeguards for minorities there. Nor can Jews live anywhere they wish in their historical homeland (we do have the deed from God!) if Muslims are offended by this unwelcome diversity. Jewish Democrats in the US now have a vital decision to make: abandon your anti-semitic party or be laughingstocks.

  2. So the Kerry has spoken. It’s final. He is the Supreme ruler. He has more power than the President. We must bow down and pledge our allegiance to him.

  3. “ The entire speech is pure fantasy and wishful thinking.
    It doesn’t seem in any near future that there will be peace till the end of the Golus.

    Having said, At this time WE us Yidden have no biblical claim to Israel or any clame at all as of this point and time. Eterz Yisroel was given to us by Hashem but ONLY if we will obey the conditions it says in the Torah. We failed and didn’t obey. We were sent into exile by Hashem and in exile we must stay.

  4. Obama has given the bomb to Iran and has declared Yerushalaym and the Kosel belonging to the hateful murdering Arabs.
    I guess going to the white house to eat latkes proves that the Democrats really do like us.
    What a little gayva & shochad can’t do.

  5. Kerry speech, which asserts a false dichotomy between being a democracy and a Jewish state, is classical BDS rhetoric, which should be be rejected as such by any supporter of Israel.

  6. Memo to Kerrry: why should Israel commit political suicide by appeasing the evil posed by the PA which has never shown an interest in negotiating or in quelling the anti Semitism in its educational institutiions?

  7. Please Obama, just play some golf for the next two weeks. Work on your game. Perfect your swing.
    What a disaster his policies have been for the US and world for the past 8 years.
    I thought he couldn’t get worse.
    I was proven wrong.
    Very wrong.

  8. Obama would like to destroy Jews the whole world can see between all the prisoners he freed from american prisons not one Jew is between them.
    Now he wants to destroy every Jew throughout the World as his last great gesture to democracy just before he leaves his position, does he really think that every american is stupid.
    Where has Kerry’s brain go to does he really think that he needs to protect Obama who so desperately needs his support what does he think he will gain from Obama as no one else will reward his stupidity.


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