FULL VIDEO REPLAY: Israeli PM Netanyahu Responds to John Kerry’s Remarks on Middle East Peace



  1. “ Kerri’s speech is pure fantasy and wishful thinking.
    It doesn’t seem in any near future that there will be peace till the end of the Golus.

    Having said, At this time WE us Yidden have no claim to Israel or any claim at all as of this point and time. Eterz Yisroel was given to us by Hashem but ONLY if we will obey the conditions it says in the Torah not the way the rude Zionist’s live. The fact is that We failed and didn’t obey. We were sent into exile by Hashem and in exile we must stay.
    According to our Torah Jews are not allowed before the coming of Moshiach to take up in arms to have a Jewish state.

    The Satmar Rav zt”l The Brisker Rav zt”l and previous Gedolim were so right by saying that a Jewish state is a danger to Jews, a danger to Halocha etc.
    Lets all pray to Hashem that he should dismantle the State of Israel without any Jewish bloodshed and Moshiach will come and we will all be in the holy land. ” serve Hashem with Torah ans Mitzvos!!!

    • Why leave out all the Litvishe Rabbonim who supported the state once in existence! According to the torah or according to midrash?


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