Full Video: NYPD Press Conference – Leiby Keletzky Hy”d


kelly-kletzky[Full video below.] This morning, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly addressed the media regarding the horrific murder of nine-year-old LeibyKletzky and the arrest of his murderer, Mr. Levi Aron.

Click below to watch a full video of the press conference here on Matzav.com:

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{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. my condolences go out to the family for this tragedy.
    klal yisroel we must always be dan lechaf zechus no matter what. perhaps hashem is testing us in out time of need to see if we can withhold this test not to pass judgement yet…there are no two eidem…with this we shall surely see mashiach soon!

  2. #1 – Typical Brooklyn comment, unfortunately. Please we all beg you to stop protecting and covering up. Demand from your leaders to stop the nonsense. This is a wake up call. How much more of a slap in the face do you people need?

  3. #1
    That is a very silly comment to make. If you have ever learnt Geomrah, you shoud know “Hoda’as Baal Din Kemayah Aydem” if someone makes self incriminating statements it is as if there were 100 witnesses.

  4. Yes, #1, we should all practice “Dan leChaf Zechus” until we’re all burglarized, abused, molested, and murdered by the very people your sick mis-use of halacha covers-up for. Get your head out of a Gemara, and wake-up to the real world. Not to mention that the “alleged” murderer gave incriminating statements to the police, and that they found the poor-child’s limbs in this madman’s fridge. Would you rather that in the absence of proper eidim we free him to kill again? Perhaps we should free all criminals since there is no Sanhedrin to properly conduct justice. We live in a world in which sometimes terrible things happen, and in which even Yidden commit heinous crimes, and when that happens, they deserve to be treated like any other criminal! Your approach sickens me!

  5. #2 typical liberal.
    there is a tragedy and you go yelling about a coverup. was there a coverup anywhere here? no, but why waste a good tragedy.

  6. Kill all the filth defending and protecting these monsters ! This MONSTER and all who help him should be tortured and executed before ALL good people are destroyed!

  7. #2: I don’t understand what you are saying, it doesnt make sense. You must be a real outsider, and as well, one who makes gross generalizations, and misinformed / misunderstood statements.
    not helpful.


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