Full Reimbursement For Passengers Of Infamous United Flight


All of the customers who were on the United Airlines flight that involved police officers dragging a passenger off the aircraft over the weekend will be fully reimbursed, the airline said Wednesday.

United spokesperson Maddie King said in a statement to Fox News the airline “will be providing full compensation for the price of their ticket for all passengers on United Flight 3411.”

The news of the reimbursement came as two more airport police officers involved in the incident aboard the United Express flight at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport have been placed on leave. Read More.




  1. I’m glad that UNITED is getting hit! They deserve it! They’d be better called UNTIED!!!

    Twice my family has experienced humiliation at the United check-in at Newark and I’m certain that that is routine there! When we contacted corporate headquarters to file our complaint we received a simple “I’m sorry” letter and a “that’s not how we do business at United!”
    That’s very much how they do business at United!
    They strive to maintain their corporate customer base but if you’re a stupid individual passenger, they have no need for you! Their general attitude toward the customer is awful. Frankly, after the response we got from corporate made my wife decide that she will never again fly United!
    That treatment of the Chicago passenger is their attitude! I hope the guy makes a ton of money!


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