Frustrated Trump Lashes Out At FBI


President Trump is angry and frustrated over the removal of a senior FBI official from special counsel Robert Mueller’s team over alleged anti-Trump text messages, a development that surfaced after former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s guilty plea in the Russia investigation.

People close to the White House say Trump’s frustration explains some of his tweets and statements lashing out at the FBI, but insist the president’s team is not shifting its legal strategy in response to the probe.

“When you see this partisan bend, there’s a desire there to respond,” said one former Trump transition and campaign official, who requested anonymity to talk about the probe. “You have the president pointing out the FBI needs to be free of this bias.” Read more at The Hill.




  1. Sure he should be very upset. The corrupt FBI setup a Clinton guy to investigate Flynn. This was a conflict of interest from the beginning. Because of this the President should pardon him.

  2. Funny. Trump is so busy with the FBI and his bad dreams that our enemies are comfortably sitting in their sitting areas enjoying grapes. Every given day is Trump after the world. FBI, media, hillary, guy on roadside with bad breath. Its all Trump and the world. The ayatollah is scared. Bet his passion is yet more time to think while we have more Trump driven fake news. Each grape is very more our lives.

    Give strong men credit. They can be your friend out of office. Mr. Trump is wrong for the job.

    • President Trump started to clean up the humongous mess and corruptions the last few president left behind and starting to make America great again. Who can blame the President for lashing out at all these corrupt politicians disgracing America for dozens of years. According to you, Hillary would be good for this job? She would continue Obama’s policy of sinking America into the abyss even more. Hashem yerachem!

      • Home touch. Gold on every burden. We are going to turn into Moscow. The only corruption left is every other kind.

        Pretty neat. No love for constitution. Moons duck to hide. Maybe his voice can make it Mars too. The bold lies are intended out of this world.

    • Your absolute HATE for President Trump, a true friend of the Jewish people, is appalling. By writing your stupid gibberish lined with hate, you are making a chillul Hashem birabim! You must do some soul searching and rectify your ways. You lack love for fellow Jews. Shame on you. Ignorance is not an excuse. Not being a good yid. No yireh. Not funny. Scary.

  3. Eagle West; from the command (or lack there of) if the English language, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re an illegal immigrant. Maybe that explains your nonsensical comments about our President.

  4. Stupid poetry has no place here, this is not If you intend to sound wise, please respect those in power. As it says in chazal, “in your bedroom don’t curse a king”, which applies to a president. Listening to chazal will make you sound smart, not foolish mumbling.

    • Frown. Trump had too many diamonds than to ask how stages are set on the internet. If this is going to topple him, well placed. Methodical poetry is fit. But this is liberal wit. Freedom until Trump dearly bags our first amendment. Its a right.


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