Frum Woman Arrested For Eluding Car She Thought Was Not Driven By Police Officer


lakewood-policeA Lakewood Scoop exclusive: A frum woman driving on Squankum Road in Howell, NJ, early this morning was arrested after she failed to pull over for a Howell police officer. At about 2:30 this morning, the woman was driving home from New York, when she saw lights in her rear-view mirror. Unsure who it was, the woman, alone in the car, panicked and kept driving while she called Lakewood Hatzolah.

The woman finally came to a stop in Lakewood, at County Line Road, where she was met by multiple Howell officers and was immediately cuffed and taken into custody to Howell Police headquarters for eluding police.

The Howell police officers, according to sources, did not want to hear from the woman or from Hatzolah volunteers.

The woman’s husband arrived to the scene and was told to follow his wife to the Howell Police station.

Back in Lakewood, local askonim reached out to the Lakewood Police Department, which contacted the Howell department to ensure that the situation would be resolved swiftly.

The woman was issued a summons and released a short time later.

“The best thing to do in such a situation, is to put on your hazard lights to indicate to police that you’re not eluding them, and then call 911 and advise them you’re being followed,” a Lakewood police chaplain told TLS.

Askanim are hoping that, with the  recording of the Hatzolah call, the woman will be found not guilty.

{The Lakewood Scoop/Edited by Noam Newscenter}


  1. What a story!

    I don’t know what to say. I can imagine being in the same situation and also panicking. It is very scary for a woman at night to be pulled over. Squankum is very, very dark, and it is indeed very frightening. Of course we can’t elude police, but at the same time, I totally understand why the woman was scared. She was smart for calling Hatzolah. How did she even know their number? She should have also called 911.

    Either way I hope this all works out for the best.

  2. She was right in not stoping at 2 30 AM. There are enough sad stories of women who did. (Calling 911 like the chaplain said, should be done

  3. Were the Howell police allowed to enter a different municipality and arrest someone? What business do they have entering Lakewood? Stay in your own hole!

  4. I would have done the same thing. A woman alone should NEVER, EVER pull over for anyone that she does not recognize.
    This happened to me once during the day, and I let them follow me right into my driveway. Then, I refused to get out of my car in my own driveway, and I let these cops get out of their car first. I opened my window a crack, and said, show me your ID. They were not even wearing police uniforms. I then quickly opened my front door, went into my house and slamed the door in his face. I then saw, there was another person sitting in the front seat, and I figured out it was a cop in training.
    Well, the nerve to scare me like that.
    I watched from the window as they drove off laughing. I yelled at them, get off my property right now. They did and did not give me a ticket.
    And these pieces of junk are called “our best men in uniform”????
    Shame on the police force in my area! Shame on Howell Police as well.

  5. should call 911. why didnt she think it was police if their lights were on ?? why were they stopping her to begin with?

    howel police are notorious

  6. People should know a little history about Howell cops – about 30 years ago – route 9 was still only one lane each way into Lakewood and was very hazardous and especially on Friday traffic was awful. Regrettably in one car accident on 9, the mayor of Howell was killed. After that Howell cops pledged and revenged this by becoming the most aggressive traffic cops in the nation. They even had a sign entering Howell with a cop holding a gun at you on the 9 stating: Welcome to Howell: Killer Highway USA. Everyone in Lakewood and most of NJ knew NEVER speed in Howell. Today most of us in Lakewood have forgotten that, but the cops haven’t and they still have a desire to give out as many traffic tickets as possible. Too bad we had to get this reminder.

  7. The case should be with lots of mazel and hatzlacha. THESE POLICE SHOULD PLEASE GO TO SLEEP AT NIGHT INSTEAD OF GIVING TICKETS! What a story

  8. Nobody is questioning a frum Lakewood woman driving at 2:30 in the morning??? Is this normal in that part of the world? Crazy!

  9. Howell police officers are known to be a bunch of bullies and just pulling people over for no offense and then claiming some excuse for pulling you over!!!

    I can tell you a story first hand, luckily I managed to get out of it.

  10. Howell police officers are known to be a bunch of bullies and just pulling people over for no offense and then claiming some excuse for pulling you over!!!

    I can tell you a story first hand, luckily I managed to get out of it.


  12. I was once stopped for what seemed like a silly reason by an officer. The next day I called and spoke to the commanding officer, who claimed that he may not have been genuine. I did not doubt that he was real, and it was really not a big deal in that case. But, I have noticed warnings from time to time in the media that if you have a doubt about that, to do basically what has been suggested in the last paragraph of this article.

  13. since no commentators know the story first hand,yet talk and question as if they do, i will ask them to explain the following.

    story states she was met by many howell police cars at county and squankum. now, how did those cops get there? did they go around her as she was travelling?? why then didnt they indicate that they want her to stop.

    i havent seen any story state that she was speeding, also she never turned off the road she went straight at proper speed, that is not ELUSIVE at all. she simply didnt pull over.

    why didnt the cops of lakewood meet the howell cops to deal with the suspect who was eluding cops, every other time a suspect eludes cops all townships hop in on the chase.

    why didnt the cops from howell have the decency to talk to her husband and first responders? they all ought to be disciplined enough to have basic courtesy since they lack common sense.perhaps thats why they have a horrible reputation.

    on and on i can go with intelligent questions about their behavior, its pointless though as nothing concrete will change, unless there is video and a lawsuit.

    now as far as the woman is concerned i feel for her , she certainly did what she should have using her best judgment.

    the police and the media should print the “requirements” and “guides” for behavior in such circumstances, after all remember they want us safe. and we pay their salaries.

    i would take the best and loudest lawyer out there.

  14. Any woman who is concerned should dial 911. They can verify if it is a real police officer. What did she expect Hatzola to do? Also, it is unlikely they will ticket a driver for calling 911 while driving, and will have an easy record of the call.

  15. What business is it of yours what a frum woman has travelling at 2:30 A.M. Did you ever hear of someone coming home late from a simcha, from a levaya, R”L, from a vort, from visiting your children and being stuck in traffic.
    Mind your own business. If her husband knows she is in a car alone, that is all that matters.

  16. The Howell police were obviously taking liberties. They seem to have failed to assess the situation properly. It IS dangerous for anyone driving down a road, especially late at night, to be pulled over by an unmarked car, lights or no lights flashing. There should be a law for us where civilians are allowed to pull into a lighted/populated area after 10pm, before having to come to a stop. And police officers, usually smart folks, should understand how to handle a situation like that from a hostile situation.

  17. #28 You sound very defensive (are you that women husband?)There is something called sakana(danger)the reason that YAAKOV AVENU did not want to let BENYOMIN go to Egypt was because of sakana (see RASHI).

  18. I have a cousin who was a small town cop in the days when there were completely unmarked cars. He tried to pull over a lady for a traffic infraction late one night. She slowed down and led him on a low speed chase about 25mph. He got on the loud speaker. he pulled along side her and she refused to pull over. when she got to a well lit shopping area with people around she pulled in front of a store. my cousin got out started to SCREAM at her and she replied: anyone can buy lights and PA system. How was I supposed to know that you were really a cop. it caught him completely off guard. He conceded the point told her she did the right thing and let her go.

  19. “There should be a law for us where civilians are allowed to pull into a lighted/populated area after 10pm, before having to come to a stop.”

    You must be joking! So if the police are following someone whom they suspect, for example, is driving while intoxicated, the civilian is allowed to drive for miles until he or she finds a place that is sufficiently illuminated at 2:30 AM?


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