Frum Passengers On Controversial Shabbos Flight Sue El Al


Orthodox Jewish passengers on this weekend’s now infamous El Al ‘Shabbos Flight’ are suing Israel’s national airline for nearly $2.5 million, along with a demand that the airline publicly admit that claims of passenger violence were false.


Last Thursday, El Al Flight LY002, which had been scheduled to depart at 6:30 p.m. Thursday but was delayed due to snow storms, took off with reassurances from the pilot that the flight would reach Israel before Shabbos despite leaving hours past schedule.

Just three hours before landing, the captain informed passengers that the plane would be stopping in Athens to drop off religious passengers and would continue to Israel on Shabbos for the secular passengers.

In what became a viral social media claim, rumors spread that the charedi passengers aboard the flight began rioting and became violent when they realized they would not be arriving in Israel before Shabbos. Passengers aboard the flight, including news reporters, denied the claims of violence and said that at no point did anyone attack the flight crew or  attempt to break into the cockpit.

In response to the controversial decision by El Al, some 180 passengers from the El Al flight have joined a lawsuit, demanding a refund for their tickets and 50,000 shekels ($13,515) each in damages.

Passengers have also demanded that El Al release a public statement admitting that there was no violence on the part of passengers during the flight, contrary to claims which went viral on social media over the weekend.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Go, Passengers Go !!!!
    This is Israel and the Middle East and this is the only language they understand.
    2.5 Million and the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in loss revenue due to bad press!! How foolish of them.
    Trust me, even if ElAl is following these frum website and reading these comments, they simply could not care less. This is their mentality and we as Americans are hard pressed to understand their twisted thinking.

  2. Good!! I don’t see this as a religious issue , rather a capitalistic issue. You mistreat and abuse your customers- they take their business elsewhere!

    Dear Elal; change you practices or lose business

    • To fly on Shabbos and if you do not like it fly by flapping you arms. Do not fly on any time that get you in close to Shabbos. Will we say to Monsey trails they should get sued for that time they got stuck and drove on shabbos?

  3. When I was a bachur learning in Eretz Yisroel back in the 80’s, an airline called Tower Air was very popular. Yes, it was owned and operated by Israelis. Maybe it was a few dollars cheaper initially. But they were terrible. They were abusive to their paying costumers. They were incompetent. Long delays was the norm. They had these old retired Eastern Airline planes which kept breaking down. Engines were literary falling off the planes over the Atlantic Ocean. I remember one of the flights I took, the bathrooms were completely broken and smelly water was flowing down the aisles. They didn’t give a damn about any costumers concern or feelings. We were treated like dog manure. They even had their own little building away from the rest of the terminals, just as you enter JFK, to the right. In typical Israeli fashion, they were smarter than everyone else.
    Well, where are they now? Most of you probably never heard of Tower Air. Ask your parents. People finally had enough. They could only tolerate so much abuse. They were sued and forced to shut down. I truly sincerely hope that ElAl goes the way of Tower air and goes bust.


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