Frum-Owned Lakewood Medical Supplies Company Donates Thousands for Harvey Victims


Today, a truck is leaving Lakewood for Houston with countless donations for hurricane victims. AvaCare Medical, a frum-owned medical supplies company based out of Lakewood, NJ, has contributed thousands of dollars worth of supplies and equipment toward the cause.

“Houston needs help now – and we’re perfectly positioned to do so, with our resources of much-needed medical supplies and equipment. We’re proud and honored to have this opportunity to lend a hand to the victims of Hurricane Harvey,” Shloimy Zeldes, CEO of AvaCare Medical, told

The donation for victims and flooded nursing homes in Houston included first aid supplies, gauze, band-aids, walkers, adult diapers, wipes, reusable and disposable underpads, medical gloves, creams, mouthwash, shampoo and more.




  1. As long as they leave a enough supplies here in Lakewood to take care of us then it’s OK. We get bad weather in Lakewood to.

    • @Misadkin: As a Lakewood resident myself, I’m embarrassed by your statement. Please move so we will have one less person that may need supplies… It would alleviate your issue a bit.


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