Frum NYPD Cop Fired Because Of Beard Reinstated


fishel-litzmanThe frum police officer fired because he said his religious beliefs prohibited him from trimming his beard was reinstated and has been assigned to the Bronx, his lawyer said yesterday.

Officer Fishel Litzman was fired in June 2012, a month shy of graduating from the Police Academy, because he refused to adhere to department standards limiting beards to no more than 1 millimeter in length. The 39-year-old a married father of five went to work as a paramedic to support his family and filed a federal suit to get his job back. Read more here.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Good for him!
    I just hope they didn’t assign him to a high crime area to get back at hom though no one will ever really know!
    May he have mazel & brocha!

  2. a Kiddush Hashem for sticking up for frumkeit & not being afraid of losing his job to be Mekadaish Hashem

    May Hashem reward him forever


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