Frum North Miami Beach Community Hit By Crime


miami-crimeNorth Miami Beach – People in one North Miami Beach community are so fed up with crime, they’re arming themselves.

“To us, our families are more important,” said community activist Yona Lunger. “A lot of them are getting concealed weapons permits… We don’t have a choice.”

Lunger’s community, near Golden Glades interchange, collects and distributes clothes for needy people. Most of the clothing is specifically for Orthodox Jewish women.

On Wednesday morning somebody went into the collection room, located inside a woman’s home, and stole bags filled with donated clothes.

“Close to 600 to 700 items are gone, I mean they cleaned us out,” said Lunger.

The area is seeing an uptick in crime, according to Lunger.

“I think we had a rash, more than a dozen break-ins in the past week … break- ins and strong armed robberies,” he said.

Police are well aware of the incidents and have increased their presence in the area. Several families are footing the bill for private security patrols.

Lunger said police have made several arrests in the connection to the break-ins. But the crime spree is the talk of the neighborhood.

Lunger is hoping the topic of conversation changes soon.

“We all got to get along, we all got to work with each other, this is a little bit out of hand,” Lunger said.

{NBC Miami/ Newscenter}


  1. North Miami Beach has a program for Civilian Parking Enforcement (at least they had in the pats). Take the course at Miami Dade College to be Parking Enforcement (one night or two day/night course).

  2. With all due respect, only Teshuva will protect us. If HKB”H wan’ts us to improve, guns by itself won’t help. The protector’s of the community are the ones who are oisek in Torah & Mitzvoth’s. Now, of course one should use his seichal & do the basic hishtadlus, like letting our “elected” officials do what their paid for!

  3. #4, hishtadlut is what a normal person would do – each according to his individual abilities. Some people have the ability to learn all day but others do not. Hashem gave them other talents, such as gevora. Such a person in the above situation almost has an obligation to arm himself – on condition that he is ready to use the gun if necessary.


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