Frum Mishpacha Loses Clothing On Highway With Wedding Tonight


trunkTalk about bad timing.

A frum mishpacha traveling from Monsey to Lakewood for a wedding to be held this evening discovered that their clothing fell out of their trunk on the highway.

The chosson‘s sister mistakenly popped the trunk to the car while driving on the Garden State Parkway southbound near Exit 171. Among the items believed to have fallen out were a white gown and several skirts. The gown was in a black Holt Renfrew dress bag and the skirts were in a separate, cleaners-type plastic.

The family members have asked to reach out to our tens of thousands of readers in the hope that someone will spot the missing articles of clothing. Should you find the clothing, email us at or call 732.547.0348.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. They should outlaw the trunk button in the glove compartment which people sometimes press by mistake and then the trunk is left open without them relaizing

  2. That’s why I always hang my clothes on the little shmichik from the inside ceiling of the car. The trunk is unreliable.

  3. The cops on the GSP are so ruthless that they would probably give you a ticket just for losing the clothes! Mamesh mushchasim

  4. There are gemachs in Lakewood that can help out in the clutch and get you clothing – whatever you need. Lakewood is a city of great chesed

  5. At least, no people fell out.
    Two weeks ago, I was driving and my young son mistakenly opened the back door of our car and practically fell out as I turned. I was lucky to be on a side street and going slow and was able to pull over.
    It’s a scary world out there.

  6. what kind of car was it
    my hyundai for some reason has often that the trunk just pops open. i wonder if that’s what’s happened here. Hopefulyl everything is being found

  7. A similar story happened to me a few years ago. My son was going back to yeshiva aftrer Peasach. He was the 3rd of 4 boys to be picked up. (All in BoroPark.) When they got to the 4th boy they saw the trunk had opened and my son’s suit with 2 suits and 10 shirts fell out. I tried to retrace the route of the car but didn’t find anything. A week later I saw an ad in one of the local weeklies. Someone found a suit bag. I didn’t find the shirts but at least I saved $400 on new suits. Moral of the story do hashaves avaida.

  8. Its about time a Kallah goes down the aisle in a plain white dress. Not a outrageously priced gown. That would be the greatest Takkanah.

  9. To clarify what happened, they stopped for gas at the rest stop near Monsey (exit 171). They mistakenly popped the trunk instead of the gas tank and were under the impression that the attendant shut the trunk. The trunk never fully opened, just a couple of garment bags must have slipped out.

    When they got to Lakewood and realized what happened they turned around and headed back to the gas station to retrace their steps. It was only after they came back to Lakewood for the second time that they found some of the clothing on Kennedy Drive.

    I want to publicly thank Chaverim of Monsey for coming out in middle of the night to help them look for the clothing.

  10. It’s highly unlikely that something would survive the high speeds of the Parkway all the way from Exit 171 and then plop out on the Lakewood streets/roads.

  11. We had a similar situation driving from Florida after Pesach.We were on the highway in Virginia when we realized the way back was open.A suitcase with my tefillin, tallis and black hat was missing. The miracle was that it fell out not on the highway but at a rest stop before we got back on the highway. It was turned in and the person working there called the telephone number on the tag on the suitcase. We contacted another person driving back from Florida and he picked it up for us and brought it to DC where he went to daven mincha in the Yeshiva Gedola and found someone there going to Baltimore who got it to us. It was a post Pesach miracle.

  12. This should make for some great sheva brochos gramin.

    Across the GSP our clothing she strew… tra la la la la la

    Now we got tens of thousands looking for a Holt Renfrew… tra la la la la la


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