Frum IDF Soldiers Refuse To Partake In Mixed-Gender Commanders’ Course


A number of religious male soldiers from the IDF Armored Corps refused to attend a commander’s’ training course on the grounds that women soldiers would also be participating in the drill, Army Radio reported on Wednesday.

The men informed the army of their unwillingness to attend due to it being at odds with their religious views. The army had previously notified the men that the training had been designed to maintain separation and that no mixing of genders would take place.

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  1. What do you mean, matzav? There is no gazeira! Haven’t you heard? All these people who say that are just miserable pests who hate the state of Israel anyway and cant appreciate the world of good the IDF does them! Right?

    • What do you mean by there’s no gazeira? You must be talking about the US because in Israel the gazeira is full-fledged hoping even to snatch chareidi girls into the army. Time you hurry up with the news. You’re 6 (six) years behind!

      • People, I was only being sarcastic. I didn’t realize it wouldn’t come through. Sorry about that. Yes, I know there is a gazeira.

  2. Anyone who trusts the secular israeli atheistic leadership is a fool. They are looking to do what Amalek is trying to do. Take the passion of Torah Jews away from Torah. No Jew should join this toeiva army unless rabbi Chaim Kanievsky becomes its chief of staff. Otherwise use every tactic to get out of the draft.

  3. What odd & strange comments:

    חזק ואמץ & may you be blessed to strengthen yourself & other soldiers in serving your country in a proper & pure environment. Be safe & return home healthy.
    Chag Sameach

    • Excellent comment. Thank you for seeing the courage of the soldiers to stand up for Torah and mitzvos. A freilichen Purim.

  4. and what are these soldiers gonna do in war time? men and women’s sections on the battlefield? men can only shoot men and women can only shoot women? did ancient jews not wage war on shabbos?


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