Chareidi Community of Ramot Under Siege


Ramot has suffered for two years not from a military siege, but from an army of cars from all over Israel that use the Ramot Highway to reach town. The development of the Har Chotzvim business park adjacent to the highway has made matters even worse. The daily influx of cars can delay tens-of-thousands of motorists for hours. Over the past week the situation became even more intolerable due to increased traffic at certain locations.

“Every day we need to waste an hour or more of our time to reach places ten minutes away,” Ramot resident Nesanel said. “It is ridiculous that a complete neighborhood is under siege every morning. The fool who planned the roads in the area did not take into consideration the traffic of Har Chotzvim or the entrance to town from the direction of the 433 highway and we need to pay the price for this every morning.”

At emergency meetings, councilmen struggled to find stopgap measures while agreeing that the only real solution is to build a planned Highway 22, which would provide alternative access to the area. But the project is only due to be completed in five years.

New highways barely keep up with Israel’s rapid traffic increase due to the rising popularity of private cars. A record number of new cars were imported last year. The city’s light rail system was supposed to alleviate traffic, but due to its slow speed and failure to properly synchronize it with traffic lights it is only driving even more people to buy private cars.

{ Israel News Bureau}


    • I agree with you.
      I currently have a daughter in a seminary in Ramot (Ateres) & upon seeing the headline, my heart dropped. I guess Matzav is trying to look like the goyishe sites.

  1. ramot under seige
    simple solution that will fill the cities coffers in the country with hundreds of thousands shekalim each year and reduce the congestion on the highway.
    all private vehicles that do not carry a minimum of 3 to 4 passengers entering a major city will
    be charged 100ns daily between the hours of 6:30am -10:30 am.the owner of the vehicle will be
    afforded intra city free public transportation during those days he does ot use his vehicle.
    erev shabbat and holidays will not be affected as well.
    residents of their own city will not will not be required to pay that fee
    adding more highways will never catch up with the more than 250,000 vehicles imported yearly into the country.
    to ener ny the cost is nearly $25.00

    • Not so simple. There are people who have to make several stops, or carry equipment and can’t rely on public transportation in any shape, size or form. Charging them for the “privilege”of entering their work-place will end up costing them so much money they may as well go on unemployment, and further increase the number of poor working people.

  2. “New highways barely keep up with Israel’s rapid traffic increase due to the rising popularity of private cars”

    Yes, Israel for has become another congested rat race. You would think more luxury/gashmios would make life easier. Its the other way around, the streets in Jerusalem were much calmer and less stressful before cars were “affordable” now life in Israel has become another rat-race..

    • Have you ever waited at a bus stop that services both Chareidi and non Chareidi neighborhoods? I have & here are the results: non Chareidi routes come often and run empty, Chareidi come infrequently and are stuffed to the gills. Get real.


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