Frum Child Found in Car Unconscious Now Recovering


baby-in-carseat A frum child in Lakewood, NJ, was found unconscious a short while ago after having been left in a car. The nine-month-old was taken to Kimball Medical Center on River Avenue in Lakewood where the child was stabilized and is now breathing.

With hot temperatures at this time of year, forgetting a child in a vehicle for even a short amount of time can be deadly. Hatzolah members say that in this instance, the outcome could have been tragic had the child remained in the hot car for any longer.

All Yidden are urged to employ caution and be sure not to leave children in vehicles. Creating a system to remind oneself of a child seated in the back of a car is recommended by Hatzolah and askanim.

 {Dovid Newscenter}


  1. CSO RADIO in lakewood sells and installs a device that prevents this type of thing from Chas VShalom happening and prevents having a tragic ending R”L.!

  2. CSO Radio in lkwd sells and installs a device meant to prevent this from happening and R”L having a tragic ending!

  3. I read about this story once a year! And it is not the first time it happened! Oy nebach! Baruch Hashem he didnt have the same outcome like the other stories!

  4. Why does this piece need to identify Lakewood?

    Yes, we know that there is a major concentration of the young marrieds of our community living there and thus a greater propensity for this type of tragedy to occur there, but your headline suggests that this is something endemic to Lakewood and that is not fair.

    Keep this kind of news front and center so that others will remain wary but don’t besmirch Lakewood and in so doing the Kollel yungeleit at the same time. The same kind of mistake can be made by people in Cedarhurst or Teaneck….Hashem yerachaim on all of us.

  5. to Goy:
    we are not leavng out non-jews or any other groups. Since this website addresses orthodox (frum) Jews, it is addressing the issue to them as such. If the writer of the article had been speaking to a group non Jews or anyone else, they would have addressed the appropriate audience. No omissions intended, we certainly want everyone to remember the childrn’s safety.

  6. to #7 I think it is more common where there are a tremdous amount of fathers bringing their kids to playgroup/babysitting, due to their more flexible schedule.
    A study was done by the local chaverim; and men are almost 10 times as likely to leave their kid in a car by accident. this is not C’V to say they are irresponsible. But a mother is more attuned to her child then the father.
    Needlest to say the the Mother was meant to care for the child for and raise the child. Yet they are out working, leaving this tremendous responsibility to their husbands.

  7. Every year same story. Was it the Mother or Father, this time? [deleted by moderator] This report is lacking a lot of information. Please update info.

  8. to #8- I highly doubt that is the picture of the child, as most pictures chosen by matzav are not of the actual subject of the story.

    However the child looks, we can have pity on him and thank Hashem for the reminder before it was too late chas v’sholom.
    we are all human and make mistakes, but we all can use chizuk to be extra cautious in all matters.
    Don’t ever say from these stories that 100% you would NEVER do something like that. All a person needs is a few sleepless nights in a row, or whatever Hashem sends their way, and they can do something stupid chas v’sholom.
    And thanks to #7 for reminding us of that!
    Remember last year in Eretz Yisroel it happened to a nonfrum child, while they are always bashing the chareidim?

    I’ll leave on a chizuk note: A friend of mine has a child who is diabetic and she told me the Indian endocrinologist told her that she is amazed how the frum mothers of patients are the best. No matter the size of their families, they take care of their diabetic children better than the other segments of society. (And anyone who has a diabetic child knows it’s a constant supervision over diet and exercise that never takes a break, yet the frum mothers take it seriously and do a super job at it.)

  9. I hope everything will be ok with the parents! The kid is bh ok, but will the parents be ok. The non Jews don’t understand the realities of a large familly and of many children the same age, and can’t understannd why this isn’t negligence!

  10. with our hectic lifestyles and large families k”h
    it is inevidible but if you go to the website they sell many devices or helpful reminders for this.

  11. # 15- it is not like it only happens in the Jewish orthodox world. Such neglect (whether mistake or not) plus more happens everywhere. Please, people who really are interested in the truth know that the Jewish children are the most loved and raised the best.

  12. Baruch Hashem that he is recovering. Parents, please, please, write a reminder on your palm if need be, that your baby is in the car seat in back. I am positive that no responsible parent left a child in a boiling car on purpose, therefore they have to ensure that they will always remember the baby.

  13. One suggestion for mothers: Put your pocketbook in the back seat with the baby. I usually remember to take my pocketbook out with me. For fathers: find a similar essential that you wont leave the car without.

    Now that I occasionally babysit my granddaughter, I’ve begun tying a ribbon onto my pocketbook when she comes, so I don’t forget her and leave tha house during her nap. (I’m out of baby mode.)

  14. No. 7 You are 100% right. We shouldn’t write that there were protests in yerusholayim, just “there were protests in the streets and they were burning garbage – somewhere, because it is besmirching all of yerusholayim and the yiden.
    We shouldn’t say that treif meat was found by a butcher, because you are talking loshon hora on all of judism because who eats kosher if not jews. We should write maybe that meat was not properly handled and it made it difficult for certain populations in certain countries to eat such meat. Everyone should guess what that means.

    Come on No7. Matzav is doing everyone the biggest life saving favor by writing what they are. Matzav watches out for others kovod more than anyone else. Spend your precious time telling all your neighbors they should remember their children.

  15. Are these comments for real? They have to be sarcastic. You need to tie somehting to yourself to remember your OWN child? The helpless little person you helped create/ give birth to?

  16. leave the lady alone about her pocket book, her point is that she always takes her pocket book with her so it’s habbit to remember to take it. The parent may not always take the baby so if you put the pocketbook or other essential next to the baby you won’t forget especially if taking the baby is a change from regular schedule.


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