Frum Boy Launches Chassidishe Lego Minifigures


Chanan Finkelstein, a 4th grader at Ohr Chadash Academy in Baltimore, recently approached his mother, asking for the Lego Death Star set, which costs about $500.

His mother, Tobey, hesitated. Then she said, “Yes, if you can crowdfund it.”

The result? Launching a kickstarter to produce a short run of custom Lego minifigs as Chassidim.

If Chaim can get about 60 sold, he’ll have enough money to buy the Death Star – and turn it into the “Brickovicker Rebbe’s” new shul.

Tobey gave us a suggestion for a headline for this story: “Brickovicker Rebbe issues call to crowdfund first intergalactic shul,” adding, “Maybe? 🙂 He’d be THRILLED!”

To help Chaim in his effort, CLICK HERE.

Good luck, Chaim!

{CB Newscenter}


  1. For numerous reasons, I find this article and the pictures accompanying it, not to be in a Torah Hashkafa mode. Not every story needs to be published. Very distasteful.

  2. very creative
    good luck
    as far as mr scratching my head above comment
    dont know what your issue is
    perhaps scratch something else!!


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