Frum Ball Boys at the US Open


donny-steinberg-us-openThere are very few occupations where having your yarmulke fall off could cost you your job. But that was definitely on the mind of Donny Steinberg, a 16-year-old who decided to try out as a ball boy with the hopes of making it to the U.S Open. He made the cut, and the rookie is excited. So far, his blond hair and yarmulke have stayed in place. Read more at The Jewish Week.

{ Newscenter}


  1. I am glad that the Jewish Week has been able to find such meaningful news to bring us. I am just surprised they actually knew what a yarmulka is.

  2. Do we really need this? Now if he had devoted his whole summer to doing tzedakah with sick children or frail older people, that would have been worth an article in Matzav. But for this we kvell?

  3. Sorry – I meant “chesed.” I assume at his age he has limited resources for tzedakah – but we all have the opportunity to do chesed every day.

  4. to # 4 – What’s the kiddush hashem? What’s the Me K’amcha? I don’t mind that he’s doing this. But a kiddush hashem? Where are your priorities?

  5. In Response #7, what wasn’t mentioned in the article is that I met the boy featured in the article, just this past summer, as he was in fact a counselor at Camp Kaylie. Camp Kaylie is new type of camp for kids with both all kinds of abilities and with kids with all kinds of disabilities and special needs, all together in the same bunk. Not that this should have any impact on the great message in the Jewish Week story, but, response #7, should be aware of what Donny did for most of the summer, before his US Open position.

  6. Yes, # 11, proud that a Jewish boy would wear his kippa proudly in such secular public arena, but, that he would speak so nicely and this will encourage more jewish boys to to the same and feel proud!


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