Fruit Picking and Car Repairs On Chol Hamoed


car-repairsApple (or other fruit) Picking is permitted on Chol HaMoed if the apples are going to be eaten on Chol HaMoed.

There is no need to estimate how much will be eaten on Chol haMoed, rather the apples may be picked in abundance.

If the apples are not being picked for use on Chol HaMoed, it is best for adults not to pick them. Children, who are doing it as an activity, may pick them even in such a case. (Psak of Rav Yaakov Forcheimer shlita, Dayan in Lakewood NJ)

2) Driving a car is permitted on Chol HaMoed.

A car that needs [minor] fixing and is needed for Chol HaMoed, may be brought to a mechanic to fix on Chol HaMoed, with the following conditions:

If the mechanic is a Jew, he may not take payment for his services.

If the mechanic is a non-Jew, he may be paid for his services.

The “fixing” that is necessary may not be anything major, rather only “small jobs” such as batteries, jump starting, flat tires, etc. may be done on Chol HaMoed.

For larger jobs, that may be considered “Ma’aseh Uman- the work of a skilled worker” a Rav should be consulted before fixing.

If one is away from home on Chol HaMoed, and thus not fixing the car would entail a large expense, the rental of a new car etc. it is considered a “Davar Ha’avud” and even a larger job may be given to a mechanic to fix. However, the service of a non- Jewish mechanic should be utilized.

A Rav should always be consulted in these situations as the halachos of “Davar Ha’Avud” are very delicate and are easily abused beyond the halachic allowances.

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