Friend Of Pittsburgh Shooter Arrested After Calling Massacre A ‘Dry Run’


A man believed to be an online acquaintance of accused synagogue shooter Robert Bowers was arrested after he posted on a social media site that the massacre “was a dry run” and that “there was more to come,” according to an FBI affidavit.

The alleged statements themselves didn’t prompt formal allegations, but the U.S. Attorney in Washington charged Jeffrey R. Clark Jr. with transportation of a firearm across state lines and possession of illegal, high capacity magazines intended for use with AR-15 weapons.

The FBI alleged that Clark once said he and his late brother fantasized about killing “Jews and blacks.”

The legal document lists what prosecutors say are some of Clark’s postings and musings, including a Gab rant that stated the victims of the synagogue attack, which federal prosecutors allege was a hate crime, “were all active supporters of pedophilia … and every last one of them deserved exactly what happened to them and so much worse.”

Read more at NBC News.



  1. I can never understand why the overwhelming majority of the Black community hates Jews when they themselves are lumped together with us. You’d think they’d feel more sympathetic towards “common enemies” instead of joining the popular anti-Semitic movements.


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