French Jews Hold Massive Pro-Israel Rally In Paris


franceAs anti-Semitism rises in France, the country’s Jewish community held a major rally in central Paris on Sunday. The Jewish National Fund (JNF); the Israeli Foreign, Defense, Tourism, Agriculture and Immigrant Absorption ministries; and other donors funded the event.

Titled “Israel Today and Tomorrow,” the rally was the brainchild of the JNF’s chief emissary in France, Reuven Naamat, and was expected to gather 15,000 demonstrators, among them Jewish community leaders from across France, Israeli government ministers, and JNF Chairman Efi Stenzler, according to Israel Hayom.

“Just last week, on International Holocaust Memorial Day, we saw the latest statistics portraying the large number of anti-Semitic incidents in France over the past year,” said Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon at the rally. “Before the European diplomats lecture us on how to conduct ourselves in our historic homeland, they should first focus on ending the age-old bigotry of anti-Semitism in their own backyards.”


{ Newscenter}


  1. Yes they are a brave people living in a Moslem paradise. Remeber the French loved Hitler also, so why did the French Jews go back to France or the German Jews go back to Germany??? Their idol was Hitler.


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