FOUND: Twin from France Goes Missing


yaakov-gourin-twin-france[Update below.] The acrobatic and entertaining Twins From France are known for giving good times to the public, but it seems like one of the popular pair has run into some trouble.

One of the twins, Yaakov Gourion, a 23-year-old Lubavitcher bochur, has not been in touch with his brother since last night, raising serious concerns regarding his whereabouts.

His married brother, Yisroel Gourion, initially said that Yaakov went to Boro Park to have  his vehicle repaired. Yisroel became concerned after Yaakov failed to show up for a scheduled performance, and had not made any contact with him, which had never happened before.

“He went to fix his Ford van in Boro Park and maybe the battery of his cell phone was dead or he was out of credit,” he told to explain his brother being incommunicado.

But when hours passed and the cell phone remained unanswered, Yisroel filed a missing report with the New York City Police Department. Shomrim and Shmirah volunteer patrol groups were notified as well.

Shortly after 6 p.m. yesterday, Yaakov, who had taken his tefillin with him,  was reportedlyseen at a car repair shop in Boro Park. Yisroel later said that this claim was not confirmed.

A source in the NYPD said Yaakov had taken his passport and a cash amount of $5,000.

Yaakov is said to be 5’6″, with black hair and green eyes. He was driving a grey 1993 Econoline van with New York plates EWV2533.

Some sources claimed the twin had been found, but has confirmed that the rumors are false.

Yaakov has been missing now for over 22 hours.

Update, Tuesday, 8 a.m. EST: After a long night of searching, Yaakov Gourion has been found safe and sound, boruch Hashem.

Yaakov was found at about 4:30 a.m.

Yaakov said he wasn’t missing, but that his phone was off, but he did say that he felt his brother did the right thing by worrying and contacting authorities after not being able to reach him.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. “but it seems like one of the popular pair has run into some trouble.” dear editor: the preceding description belittles the situation and is not worthy of a site like yours. Please change the description to report as you would for a Jewish young man missing and us worried for him.

  2. Terrible reporting. If you are going to tell us of the disappearance the least you can do is give the real reason he went missing, or at least say the brothers ask the public for some privacy.


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