Freezer Opens with the Arrival of Tu B’Shevat


Lakewood, NJ – The “freezer” has opened in Lakewood, NJ, with the arrival of Tu B’Shevat. Under the “freezer” rule, new bochurim during their first zeman in the Lakewood Yeshiva are not permitted to enter the parsha of shidduchim – i.e., they may not officially date – until Tu B’Shevat during the winter zeman or Shiva Asar B’Tammuz during the summer zeman.

[There is an exception, which is that if a bochur already started dating before the beginning of the zeman and his official entrance into the yeshiva, he may continue to date that girl and that girl only.]

We wish all those in the parsha of shidduchim much bracha and hatzlacha. May you all find your respective zivuggim bekarov.

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  1. The picture of the freezer you’ve posted above, is misleading. There is no way hundreds of bachurim could possibly fit into that.

  2. Drive safe. The streets are filled with bochrim just released from the freezer and defrosting. They are running the streets heading to their first date meeting at the tomchei shabbos melava Malka tonight.
    (there’s a ladies section too)

    Please drive extra careful as most of them are not wearing reflectors and really should be.

  3. No they will devide who will be the lucky girl – something like Achashveirosh’s ministers!
    Perhaps they have has HeiGuy scanning all the resumes! And now the bank managers worldwide will be deciding who gets their mortgage application approved to be able to afford those lucky boys!
    For the girls to wait to land a shidduch prospect this is agony! Their resumes get rejected by the boys who have 40-50 of them before the freezer even opened!


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