FREE BOOZ: Owner of Manhattan Beer Distribution Giving Free Beer to Anyone Making Shalom Zochor This Week


Mr. Simon Bergson, owner of Manhattan Beer Distribution, announced that he’s giving out free beer to anyone who will be making a shalom zochor this coming Shabbos in honor of him selling his company’s chometz kedas uk’din.

If you will be making a shalom zochor this coming Shabbos, you can contact Rabbi Weinfeld by emailing to claim your free beer.


Video courtesy of Reel of News


  1. Thanks for sharing this.

    However, I wish to comment on the expression “FREE BOOZ”.

    I don’t think “booz” is an appropriate expression for bnei Torah and bnei yeshiva to use.

    Would Rav A.Y. Pam z”l זי”ע use such an expression? I doubt it.

    Thanks for your attention and consideration.

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