FRAUD APPLE: NYC Fudged Numbers To Get More Hurricane Sandy Aid: Feds


The city will repay the feds more than $4 million in ill-gotten Hurricane Sandy aid, it was revealed in Manhattan federal court Wednesday.

After the 2012 mega­storm, the city’s Department of Transportation applied for FEMA grants to repair storm-damaged vehicles, but agency dunderheads billed the feds for cars that had been trashed well before the storm, asking the Federal Emergency Management Agency in 2014 for $12 million to repair 132 city vehicles.

Later, a DOT employee emailed a FEMA deputy commissioner to alert the agency that several of the vehicles were “junk” before Sandy and had been “sitting under the highway in the dump for seven years and were being pick[ed] apart by vandals.”

It was unclear how much of the $12 million the city received or will be allowed to keep.

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  1. We always knew that Cuomo is as corrupt as they come. Bl$$mberg is a little of a surprise. Perfect, now Mike will have to answer to the corruption during every debate, if he decides to run for President.

    • Don’t get so hyped up. Most of these candidates will not be around to run. Although the fake news media is trying to covering it up, we know that many of them are not around already.

  2. Anyone learn 4th grade math? Why in the world are they billing about $90,909.00 per vechile for repairs. That is the real corruption. Forget about the cars that were already junked.


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