Fraud Again with Kosher Meat


meatAnyone who has been to Germany in recent years might have noticed that there is a budding and thriving Jewish community in Germany, believed to number 100,000. Most of the new German Jews are either from the former Soviet Union or as The New York Times reported recently, from Israel.

Ironically, say European rabbis, there is somewhat of a resurgence of Jewish life, most notably in Berlin where there is a functioning yeshiva. There are a large number of conversions in Germany and there is a growing demand for kosher food.

Against that background comes the news of two Jewish men who are on trial in Germany, accused of passing off non-kosher meat as kosher to members of the Frankfurt Jewish community over a period of two years. As much as 40,000 kg of non-kosher meat was sold to unsuspecting customers for a period of two years, according to the Juedische Allgemeine. The two defendants sold the meat out of the Aviv butchers in Frankfurt, which served communities throughout Germany. The butcher shop supplied kosher meat to a Jewish school, a nursing home and numerous private residences both within Frankfurt and other locales.

Well, as any reader here knows, we’ve been through this before, It is terrible wherever it happens, but there is something very eerie when this occurs in Germany, in a very fragile Jewish community and in a country with such a dark past. According to my sources some of the affected Jews threw out their dishes and completely koshered their homes, but perhaps even sadder is how some of them related how violated they felt by eating non-kosher meat. Shame on the perpetrators.

By Menachem Lubinsky, Editor in Chief, Kosher Today

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  1. Four years ago, someone calling himself Reb Mordechai left a comment at a Jewish News site saying that no Kashrus scandal could ever happen in Europe. I guess either he was talking through his hat, or Germany is not in Europe. What he said, in January of 2010, was:
    “I would like to say, there is a very big difference in Yiddishkiet in USA and Europe. In Europe things are lot more organized. You cannot open up your own Bies Din, or Kashrus. I know from first hand knowledge, that in UK one cannot get married by any Frum Rabbi, with out consulting with the Office of the Chief Rabbi to make sure that everything is 100% Kosher.”

  2. @RAM:
    Kosher food from Frankfurt airport is provided by “Sohar Catering”, which is a company completely independent of the now closed “Aviv” company, that is now facing charges as reported above.
    And as far as I know, Sohar did not buy its meat from Aviv.
    Both are/were under Hashgachah by the Frankfurt community Rabbinate, but by different Mashgichim.
    So I don’t think that there is reason to believe airline meals are directly effected by this.
    Unless you going forward don’t trust the Frankfurt Hashgachah anymore.


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