France, Russia, Germany Urge ‘De-Escalation’ Between Israel, Iran


France, Russia and Germany issued separate statements on Thursday calling for an ebbing of tensions between arch-foes Israel and Iran, after the IDF launched an extensive campaign of strikes on Iranian-operated targets in Syria in retaliation to a barrage of rockets fired towards it by Iran.

France’s President Emmanuel Macron called for “de-escalation” and said that he planned to discuss the issue with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a meeting in Germany’s western city of Aachen later on Thursday. Only minutes later, a Russian deputy foreign minister delivered a statement for “restraint on all sides” and said Moscow was “concerned” at the escalation.

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  1. The anti-Semitic countries know that Hashem is ALWAYS with Israel fighting for them. Which is why they hate when Israel defends itself.
    Where were your “restraint” before Iran fired their first missile into the Golan?

  2. Israel HAS shown restraint. It has only responded when seriously threatened and only attacked those who are actively a threat.

    I hope Iran can do the right thing and stop provoking and attacking. That would be restraint it has not shown as of yet.,


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