France Jails Arab For Insulting Rov


In an unusual ruling, a French court sentenced a young Arab to a two-month jail term for yelling “dirty Jew” at a rov and his family as they were leaving shul in the city of Nimes, sixty miles west of Marseille, JTA reported.

This was the harshest jail term provided by law for verbal assault aggravated by a hate crime. The court also fined the assailant $1,200.

Admitting that he “behaved immaturely” by saying things that he said he wishes “can be taken back,” the Arab maintained that his behavior came about because Jews “did bad things to my brothers.”



  1. Cloud by cloud, the arab forgets his abuses. Moons are not seen and the arab history of antisemitism is expanded. When the skies clear, the arab hides. He did nothing wrong.

    Hard lesson.

  2. what about the bad things your brothers did to civilization??!! 9/11, london subways bombing etc etc , also your brothers against your own brothers like the 300 youe brothers slaughtered 2 weeks ago in the mosgue etc etc etc etc
    ypure all sub human animals and you should be treated as such

  3. While I have zero sympathy for that Arab, do we really want people jailed for shouting verbal insults? Do we want a young Jewish guy to sit in France’s horrible prisons for two months if he were to yell “Stupid Moslem”?

    • Yes, we do. If people can’t control their mouths, but get away with yelling–not just saying, not just mumbling to their friends, but yelling out loud in a public place–epithets at others, yes, they should be jailed or otherwise punished. That punishment might make them reconsider doing the same thing again or prevent them from doing something worse. and it sends a message to other people who might have been thinking of doing the same thing, that might stop them from doing it too.

        • You completely misunderstood this poster’s statement, and he’s certainly not a “Judenrat”, a.k.a. Nazi collaborator.
          You see things no one else sees and your rage at those who you (rightly or wrongly) perceive to have differences of opinion is frightening. I hope you’re just a troll; if not please speak to someone who can help you.

    • There are no US style freedom of speech constitutional protections in most European countries. Insulting ethnicities is criminalized officially, but practically was enforced when insulting mooslems only, until now that is. At least now the French are trying to convey that they are getting rid of the double standard. It remains to be seen whether it’s a new policy or just a show case.

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