France, Germany Blast Trump’s G7 Outburst


Germany and France blasted Donald Trump for destroying trust and allowing “fits of anger” to shape global trade policy after the US President pulled out of a joint communique agreed upon at the end of the G7 summit.

“You can destroy an incredible amount of trust very quickly in a tweet,” Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas wrote on Twitter. “That makes it all the more important that Europe stands together and defends its interests even more offensively.”

“Europe United is the answer to America First.”

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  1. Who are the EU going to look to after the latest immigrants start taking over their countries. They are still brave but slowly but surly the immigrants are going to increase and increase until there is a people and an area called Europia and no more a Europe that was before. Who are they going to call and say help, for they better decide who is really their friend from their enemy. Who are they going to call?????


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