Fox News Host: ‘We’d Be Up In Arms’ If Obama Did What Trump Has Done With Funding Border Wall


Fox News host Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery on Wednesday claimed “we’d all be up in arms” if former President Obama did what President Trump has done with funding his proposed U.S.–Mexico border wall.

“That’s not the way the government works,” Kennedy said on Fox News. “You can’t just take $1 billion from this program, $1 billion from over here, and then put it toward your pet project.”

She claimed that if Obama had taken money from the U.S. defense budget and put it toward a solar company, Republicans would “all be up in arms.”

“It’s really not okay,” Kennedy said. “It’s not how the government should function.”


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  1. The difference is obama got away with the solar funding scam whereas if he built the wall we would save money if we weren’t paying for all the associated costs of the illegal entrants

  2. There’s a huge difference!! – It’s not even a comparison! One of the ONLY responsibilities of the Federal govt is to do its best for defense and security. Demanding money for a border wall to tighten the country’s security IS a legitimate reason; Solar is not. Certainly if President Trump would demand funding for a new bridge over the Hudson or funding a solar company he would also be wrong. This host obviously has no idea what she is talking about.

  3. Umm, that is exactly what Obama did – fund his solar pet project – which tanked, and he got away with it.
    This is for the defense of the country, you cant really get any more defense than De fence!

  4. Don’t understand her issue you prioritize spending in order of importance and keeping terrorists out of country should be number one priority

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