Fourth-Year Yeshiva Camp Creates Remarkable Environment of Fun & Achdus



Now in its fourth year, Camp Chaverim is an out-of-town yeshiva camp where achdus and incredible middos bein adam lachaveiro are the standard. This happens because the Chaverim staff believe that every single camper is an incredible neshamah that needs to be appreciated by those around him. The competitive sports program coupled with a huge variety of quality activities (archery, lazer-tag, boating, leagues, weekly trips, hands on halachah, safrus, cooking, building, acting, fishing, swimming, art, and more…) make Chaverim a blast for both the boys that excel at sports and those that excel in other ways.

In addition, in its drive for professionalism and excellence, Chaverim works closely with Dr. Gavriel Fagin to create an environment of safe and healthy boundaries. Last but not least, Chaverim has created a remarkable learning program that challenges the boys to think critically and learn how to apply halachah in real life. To learn more about Chaverim, click on the poster below.



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