Fourth Day of Kevorim Protests at Goloventzitz Construction Site in Ramat Bet Shemesh


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  1. how will frum yidden ever be able to stop worldwide grave desecration if for frum yidden its muttar to dig freely, when its nogea to jewish apartments its muttar?! and by goyim every body screams chai vekayam?!

  2. Please do not believe all the reports. Our once clean neighborhood has had a park burned down and now has a good deal of graffiti covering our walls. These homes are being built in Ramat Aleph and most of these protesters are not locals.

    I’m amazed that the same wild people who came in and vandalized our neighborhood (I live a block away from the park) have the gal to try to tremp rides out.

    The gedolim have setup a bes din to deal with this. The continued protests accomplish nothing.


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