[Update below.] President Barack Obama is on the verge of winning a second-term to night, defeating Republican Mitt Romney in a series of close battleground state contests, according to network projections.

Some prizes–Florida, Ohio and Virginia–are still too close to call, but there are encouraging signs for Obama because of still-to-be counted votes in Democratic strongholds there.

In Florida, Obama clings to a narrow lead, but Democrats are encouraged that the votes remaining to be counted come from South Florida counties where the president enjoys his strongest support.

Likewise in Ohio, thought to be the most closely contested state in the election, Obama has a slight lead with many votes still to be counted in the urban areas where he is strongest.

Romney has a lead in another battleground state, Virginia, although the Democrats held onto the Senate seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Jim Webb (D.) Former governor and senator George Allen (R) conceded the race to another former governor, Tim Kaine, shortly before 11 p.m.

In early results, Obama won his home state of Illinois as well as Massachusetts, where Romney was governor and the place he still calls home. Maryland and the District of Columbia were put in Obama’s column as soon as polls there closed.

Romney is winning across the South, plus West Virginia, Indiana and Oklahoma – traditional Republican states in the presidential contest.

Democrats are having a good night in Senate results, where it appeared likely they would hold onto their majority in the chamber. Democrats in early returns picked up two seats and had the possibility of a third.

Early exit polls showed, not surprisingly, that the economy was the most important issue for Americans who have lived through a devastating recession. They told pollsters that they were slightly more positive about the country’s direction than when they chose Obama four years ago. But their interest in a more activist federal government has been dampened.

The polls also suggest a slightly more Republican electorate than in 2008.

The polls also gave both men reason for concern, and cause for optimism.

Despite their worries, more people think the economy is getting better than getting worse, according to the polls, and more blame former President George W. Bush for the economic woes than Obama.

More people trusted Obama to look out for the middle class than trusted Romney, and more favored Obama’s prescription for deficit cutting, which involves higher taxes on the wealthy.

But about a third of the electorate appears to be made up of independents. Obama won their support four years ago, but the early results showed them breaking for Romney this time.

The prize of the night is Ohio – no Republican presidential candidate has ever prevailed without the state in his column. Early exit polls indicate the electorate might be slightly more favorable to the president.

UPDATE, 11:40 p.m. EST: Obama leads Romney in electoral votes 275-203 according to Fox News.

The Republican nominee nabbed Missouri, Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, Montana, Arkansas, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, and Texas.

Obama took Ohio, California, Hawaii, Washington, New Mexico, Minnesota, Michigan, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Rhode Island, New York and the District of Columbia.

{Agencies, Washington Post, Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Klall Yisroel!!! Do teshuva the gualah is very near!! Leave all the American avoida Zara’s(bank accounts fancy cars and houses) leave the American dream and join the Torah dream because its one or the other we can’t have both. If we do this hopfuly hashem will save us from these terrible gezairos!!!

  2. America is saved once again. The Romney ship is sinking and the future is looking fine for all American activities at large. Be glad folks. This is a great world and we came through to teach the world that indignity and evil xenophobia as well as violence speech and angry rhetoric are not our selling stones.

  3. What I’m wondering about, is a few days ago, Obama was urging his groupies to take “revenge”. Is Obama going to seek revenge against Netanyahu/ Israel? What’s he gonna do?

  4. im soo upset!! i know hashem must ahve a good reason for this but i cant seem to figure it out!! We need to daven for hashem to save all of bnei yisrael wherever they are in this world!!!

  5. Why is everyone so scared that Obama won. Of coarse we should daven to Hashem that all goes well, but why would it be any different if Romney won. We don’t know that he would be any better.
    Special point: comment 3# refers to Obama winning as a terrible gezairah. What’s so bad about Obama, that him being re-elected is a terrible gezairah. Saying so only shows ignorance.

  6. everyone should be aware of 2 messages from Hashem about obama

    1) President Barack (Husaine) Obama is what we need for moshiach to come. You see before Moshiach comes the whole entire world is going to be against Israel & the jews. Now, you can’t just have President Bush & the United States go against Israel, you need a Muslim i.e. Bnei Yishmael to rule America & THEN go against Israel. The way Judaism works is that if your mother is jewish then you are jewish. Muslims are just the opposite, if your father is Muslim then you are a Muslim & that is what Barack Obama is. (a Muslim from his fathers side) Now with America under Muslim/Bnei Yishmael rulership Moshiach can come.

    2)President Barack (Husaine) Obama is the 44th President of the USA. The numerical value of his last name is 44. The 44th word in the Torah is Choshech (shvartz). It says the word Eved (servant) 44 times in the torah & the numerical value of Dam (Bloodshed) is also 44. Now we can & should get ready for the Bloodshed of Milchemes Gog U’Magog before Mashiach comes. Hold yourselves in as he negotiates with terrorists, as the relationship between Israel & America is slowly separating (in president Obama’s inauguration speech he welcomed in every terrorist country from Iraq to Iran etc… & told them if you join America & expand the land then we will assist you in all our programs AKA Social Security, Medicaid, HUD Foodstamps etc…)

    these 2 messages clearly help you understand the other side of the story (Hashems side) & might help you realize how he is the Shliach of Hashem to Bring the USA (a christian country) into the hands of a muslim aka bnei yishmael (who will be the last to fight klal yisroel before Mashiach comes)

    make no mistake i voted for Romney today & was hoping obama loses but based on Obama’s Mission as a shliach for Hashem, it doesn’t surprise me that he won ( i.e. a child/talmid never questions his parents/rebbe cause he trusts them & knows his/her parents/rebbe would only do what best for them)

    BOTTOM LINE:save yourself now before the USA is completely destroyed & bankrupt. go now to eretz yisroel & don’t wait until your holding in poverty C”V go now with what still remains with you.

  7. Wow! We Republicans are such losers! Myself, McCain, & now Romney! Dumb stupid idiots! The worse thing about all of this is, that bafoon, Uncle Joe Bite me will hang around another 4 years.

  8. Everyone come to Israel, America is no longer a safe place for Jews.
    Hashem’s eyes are focused on Israel.
    Leave America and come together for the good of our people.

  9. You aint seen nothing yet. All the “Sheker” and Genaivos will hit the fan. Prices will skyrocket. And we only have one option. “Avinu Shebashomayim

  10. Obama won as predicted by Moishela’s post that was posted here early Tuesday morning way before the election results came in:

    Discussion with Moishe’la (with his family) part 3
    A handicapped child
    Chof Cheshvan 5773 (Nov 4’12)

    Jews all over the world are in big danger
    I just want to say that the world is falling apart and the United Stated of America no longer exists. I’m not a prophet and I can’t say for sure, but I believe wholeheartedly, that Barak Obama will be president once again. And I also believe that American Jewry is in big danger”.

    find it:on Matzav http://matzav.com/reflecting-upon-hurricane-sandy#more-82559

    As usual Thank You Matzav for posting Moishe’las conversation yesterday morning (above) and giving Chizuk to many thousands of you readers.

  11. You aree living in a dream world if you think life in America automatically means “bank accounts, fancy cars and houses.” That’s what the frier say about us too. The truth is that most of us are struggling to make ends meet and can barely afford our children’s tuitions. And believe me, when the liberals talk about “fair redisitriubution,” they don’t mean “GIVE JEWS MONEY.”

  12. I feel it’s like ???? ?????…

    Let’s return to Hashem. Let’s rip out Americanism from ourselves, as we watch our America go down the tubes.

    It was a nice Inn on the road for 100 years – time to start packing…

  13. unbelievable…Governor Romney, if you are to read this post, i would just want you to know, that we are all on your side, and there is no way that we are siding with the obama. it is completely and totally ludicrous to even imagine that the empty-headed guy sitting in the white house will be ruling our country for another 4 years instead of an intelligent and honest man, like yourself. we are with you

  14. What were the final tally in Brooklyn NY? I’m sure it went heavely for Romney. We voted in Bob Turner & David Storobin last year who were Republicans.

  15. A comment on your photo and a further comment on why conservative media are doing in the conservative movement. The photo has obviously been photoshopped to show the President with darker skin than he actually has. Not only is this offensive on general principles (think of the anti-Semites who always show a Jew with a hooked nose), it also damages your credibility. When Republicans go off the deep end with rhetoric that is obviously exaggerated, people stop listening and believing. People voted Democrat because they believed the Republican Party to be so enthralled by its own voice that it forgot there is a world out there – with economic crashes, superstorms and social change.

    Please get a grip. Our country is facing its hardest time since WWII. We need everybody on board and rowing (bailing, too, sometimes). That means conservatives, liberals, and independents. We need to stop calling each other names and start working together for our children’s future.


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