Four Israeli Soldiers Jailed For Refusing To Visit Rabin’s Grave


Four soldiers were sentenced to 14 days in prison after they refused to visit the grave of former Prime Minister Yitzchok Rabin at Yerushalayim’s Mount Herzl cemetery and fled their base without leave after being told they would be punished for the refusal.

The soldiers were in a Hesder program that combines army service with yeshiva studies.

Rabin is hated by many religious Zionists for his role in the 1993 Oslo Accords in which Israeli formally agreed to give territory to Palestinians.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. A thousand Jews were blown up and murdered because this evil Rabin gave 50 thousand guns to the plo terrorists in exchange for his peace prize.

  2. They want chareidim in the army so they can modernize them into being secularists. If they refuse to shave their beards,remove their tzitzos or listen to female singers there have been cases where they are thrown in prison by their commanders. To be in this secular israeli army is like fighting with one hand tied behind your back. You just point your gun at an Arab threatening you, you end up behind bars for two weeks. It happened to a chareidi soldier just last year.

  3. Why should religious Jews visit the grave of an evil G-dless man? Let them take the soldiers to the grave of the Chazon Ish or to the grave of the Or Hachaim Hakadosh (whose yahrtzeit is tonight). Let’s see how many soldiers and commanders will refuse. Will they be sentenced to jail?

  4. Do you understand why Gedolei Yisrael are so adamantly against for Chareidim to join the IDF? This is only 1 example of their anti-religious coercion.

  5. The IDF has become almost devoid of Yiddishkeit and is much less tolerant of the needs and hashkafos of frum soldiers since G-dless Eizenkot took over.


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